Item stack list needed

We are having a bug in the shop. The issue arises if you try to withdraw items that stack but in other quantities than 64. To fix this, I need a list of all stackable items that stack in lower amounts than 64 in the format of

item-id => stacksize, item-id => stacksize, item-id => stacksize,  etc



7 thoughts on “Item stack list needed

  1. I’m not sure if i should say mushroom stew which stacks at one. And buckets which will change to stack able in the update.

  2. After a search i think its just those 3, snowball, egg, enderpearl (and not eye of ender)

    332 => 16, 344 => 16, 368 => 16

    FYI, note that in 1.3 empty buckets will be stackable aswell. (325 => 16)

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