Regarding changes to the spawn area

I would like to ask all masters & elders not to change the spawn areas anymore. There are several issues that happened recently:

  • someone redecorated the story house. This is an issue since one of the stories said “look out the right window”. The window is gone now. The lower floor that was built instead will never be used and is only a gadget hardly anyone sees. While the house looks nice, it has lost functionality and adds confusion to new users
  • someone added about 10 signs to the golden “lessons” building, about 5 of them said “read the website” in different wordings, and other instructions, help etc. FYI, there is a FAQ entry that we do not want to have signs with instructions how the server works in spawn for a good reason.
  • Someone added about 6 signs that point to the portal house to spawn. It makes it look terrible. If the portal house is that hard to find, we need to change the system instead of making the spawn look like crap.

If you think there is a chance to improve how new users experience the server or how the immediate spawn area looks like, contribute at the issue tracker instead of running around plastering everything with signs. If you are too lazy to contribute through the issue tracker, then rather leave stuff as it is. In the end it is me who has to fix stuff again otherwise.

4 thoughts on “Regarding changes to the spawn area

  1. It was me who redecorated the story house, sorry. I’ll fix it if it’s not fixed. I just felt like makin’ it look nicer, most apologies unco. I won’t change a single change around the spawn anymore.

    • You made it look nicer, no question. If you can get a window in there that allows the Eiffel tower to be seen would be great. I do not oppose to improvements at all. Let’s just talk about it.

  2. I added the signs to the golden box a while ago, sorry about that. I’ll take further discussion of what we should do in spawn to the Trello card. :)

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