Server lag

Since the 3D map is currently trying to catch up rendering the new area of the empire map, there is some lag on the server. There are over 30k tiles to render since the area is quite large. Once that is done, there should be less lag.

12 thoughts on “Server lag

  1. I am being refused from the server for some reason, it just tells me connection failed and on the website it says i am banned and can retry in around 559 seconds.. i dont understand why this is happening..?

  2. I waited for the time it said but im still banned and now its telling me again to try again in a few mins, anyone know how i can fix this..? :(

  3. I have the same problem. I don’t think I’ve been banned lol, at least I haven’t done anything that I know of that would have gotten me banned. I’m getting an average lat of 134 (but I usually have a high lat) when I ping but out of 8 requests I lost one. Tracert isnt showing anything out of the norm either.

  4. Yeah i havent done anything that could have gotten me banned either!, although from ‘im getting and average lat’ onwards i have no idea what you were talking about :L

  5. Okayy, is there anyway to get around it so i can get on the server..?

  6. For everyone panicking, I think the server is just down. There isn’t really much you can do until Uncovery comes online in a few hours to fix it (He’s in Hong Kong I believe, which is about 12 hours difference than u.s. eastern time).

    • Okayy, its 10pm here in the UK so ill probably be asleep when he comes on but ill try coming on again tomorrow and hopefully it works :)

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