New Mob lagg tests

I have now – at least temporarily – disabled mob limits. Instead I have added a layer where one can see on the map all the player-controlled mobs. You have to switch that on on the layer icon so you can see them.

I hope to get a bit more transparency of the mobs being loaded even though players are not there etc. I hope to get a deeper understanding of the server load through this. Please note that this feature is only for me to be able to debug and will disappear sooner or later.

2 thoughts on “New Mob lagg tests

  1. Maybe I just have bad luck, but I tried breeding 2 sheep and it looked like they took the wheat, but they didn’t make a baby. I’ve tried twice now. They still show the hearts and do the dance, it just doesn’t make a baby.

    • Disregard. It works in Empire. Unc told me in-game that he turned off mob and animal spawning in Skylands except via eggs.

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