Everyone please thank the 0.01 USD donators.

We have two people on the server who wanted to express their gratitude by donating 0.01 USD – each! Please everyone show your gratitude towards the two users m3dudie and EpicMustoe. I want to make sure that their helpfulness towards the server is echoed by the helpfulness of other users towards them.

For the people who do not understand what is going on here: I failed to set a minimum level of donations to get the status of donator. Those two kind people thought it appropriate to abuse this. The user revpsychology chose to call me a “money whore” due to this issue and is banned btw. I am happy for criticism but please keep the insults for yourself.

17 thoughts on “Everyone please thank the 0.01 USD donators.

  1. I was banned for saying Unc was treating the 1 cent donors as well as those of us that gave more. Enjoy that fact.

    • You were banned for nothing lese but calling me a money whore. The Trello Issue tracker as well as these comment fields are always here for people to say what is wrong with the server as well what is right. You yourself had your chance to voice your opinion in the forum today about the server and many times before. But this is my server. I do not tolerate people insulting me on my own ground. Either have a constructive discussion, or keep your opinion for yourself. If you do not like that, go somewhere else. I have nowhere else to go since you are on my server. So I take the liberty of kicking you out.

  2. Saying someone is greedy or so – in my mind – is eventually okay. But calling someone a “bitch” or other kind of vocabulary isn’t okay at all!!! Even go and see on the rules page….

    • I couldn’t agree more, riedi. I had actually recommended rev for promotion since he had been very active and involved lately. I guess some people don’t understand where to draw the line with their language and criticism of others.

  3. Besides, don’t 0.01 donations actually COST you money due to paypal fees?

      • Ah okay, I just recall someone telling me that. Might have been a different bank, tho.

        • I believe donations of less than a cretin amount might cost the donator more cause of credit card processing fees threw paypail. Tho it really depends on how they set up their paypail. Like if they paid .01 directly from a card or paid from an existing balance.
          Either way i would say m3dudie and EpicMustoe are troopers! Congrats and thanks for helping the server ^^

          ps: dident sockso do that once? XD

          • Hee hee, yeah. I donated 2 cents just so I could say I give me 2 cents. But back then, there wasn’t a benefit for donating. But then I donated for real.

  4. Looks like they wanted to… give you their two cents! :D :D :D

  5. Ah, what a shame. Just when rev was really starting to get active in the server. :(
    Oh, well. You gotta learn to control your insults! :P Can’t make exceptions!

  6. Did you give m3dudie a comma instead of a plus? haha

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