Upgrade on Monday!

The server will be upgraded on monday to 1.3. That means that whatever you held in your personal inventory (not chests etc, what you hold in your hands only) on the 1.3 temp server will be ERASED as previously announced. Stash it into a chest or donate it to a charity, but please be aware it will be gone otherwise.

13 thoughts on “Upgrade on Monday!

  1. Great news!
    The Xecarium charity is a great charity BTW. Totally in need of donations.

    • Nah the Hiotopian charity is much better. It only accepts rupees though.

      • no the 14459 charity is the best it helps people whose minecraft user names end with 14459 fund there building projects. they accept anything ANYTHING

  2. Awesome! Now I’ll be able to use new building materials to finish my project.

  3. So.. what all will be transfrred from the 1.2.5 server over to 1.3 in the ways of inventory/money/goods for sale??

    • oh and btw the “save the wolves charity” is the best

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