1.3 Testing – please join!

I have upgraded the server now to 1.3.1 for TESTING. Please come over and help testing the setup, specially access rights, inventories and new: Ender Chests.

I have set it up so that all survival worlds share the ender chests just like your personal inventories EXCEPT for the darklands – so while you can bring stuff into the darklands in your inventories, you wont be able to use ender chests there to transport their contents to other worlds. – keeping it hard to play there.

This is a test setup. If we run into any issues, I will revert to the last saved status of the 1.2.5 server and try to fix whatever the issue was. So please don’t build or mine like hell, it might be reverted. Currently all looks fine though.

I will make a blogpost when the decision is made if we keep that setup or not. Until then the 1.3 temp server will remain. After the decision is done, I will move the 1.3 darklands to the upgraded server.

4 thoughts on “1.3 Testing – please join!

  1. also i went to trade with a villager and my wool (what i was trading) disappeared

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