New FAQ Entry

I have created a new FAQ entry:

  • I built something amazing for the city! Can you copy it over?
    Do not build something because you think the city needs it. Do not ask me to copy things because “you built it for the city”. Specially not if it took you 30 minutes to build it. If you want your stuff to be seen, post it on the forum. If I think the city needs it, I will copy it.

To make you understand why this is a FAQ now: I have received about every month once such a request. Many times the buildings were bad, unfinished, made for a special purpose nobody needed or any combination of those. I want to avoid people wasting time to build some type of Arena we don’t need or me being obliged to coach them in a week long review process to a level where the building would be remotely acceptable as a showpiece for the server. It’s frustrating for all involved.

If you think you are great at building something, just do it. If it is good, it WILL end up in the city. If we need something, it will be either done in a contest or I will tell people who I trust with their building skills to do it. That is one of the basic privileges of the higher ranks. If you just joined the server yesterday you are most likely NOT in the position to submit something for the city in the first 3 days you are here.