Server Migrated!

I have just finished migrating the server to the new machine, including the website and teamspeak. So far everything seems to be smooth. I allocated now 12GB RAM to the Minecraft process, 2x the amount of before. In case we run short I could probably add 1-2 more GB but I hope this will not be needed that quickly :D

From my perspective the server runs much faster already, specially startup time and in-game when warping to a new area, the landscape builds up significantly faster.

4 thoughts on “Server Migrated!

  1. Cool! I’m really looking forward to increased draw distance! :D

  2. Just wanna say (and it may just be me being crazy and seeing s**t) but the website seems MUCH much faster now. I had problems before logging in (on the website) taking forever and I just assumed it was on my end because I’ve been having problems with my ISP. Thankyou!

    • lol probably aughta mention I’m not having those problems anymore

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