ATTENTION: Lot reset now after 1 month inactivity!

From now on, all lots will be reset if you do not show up on the server for one month!

I will try to send an email to all lot owner that have not been here for a month tomorrow.

[UPDATE] I have sent out an email and will most likely reset the lots on Sunday or Monday. Also, I made the decision to give the following people 2 month time until the reset:

  • All DonatorPlus levels. You need to have ++ level throughout the full two months of absence!
  • All users above and including “architect” levels, no matter if donator or not.
  • Skylands lots will not be automatically reset. Theoretically they expire on the same schedule, but in all likelihood they won’t be reset until you have been away for some longer time. No guarantee there however.


4 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Lot reset now after 1 month inactivity!

  1. dear uncovery i have some problems at home in my personal life and i know you dont care about peoples personal life but i want to ask you if you could please not RESET my lot becuase i cant be online now since i have some problems i will be online as soon as possible
    thank you for youre time


    • Not to sound insensitive, but in the time it took you to write that, you could have logged in and logged out to reset the clock. That’s all it takes.

    • the reset process will be automated. I will not program exceptions. Login for 1 second and you are good. If you cannot do that, I cannot help you.

  2. the computer i temp use isnt capable of starting MC @silver

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