Zombie Contest Winners!

I have finished rating the contest entries! This one was hard since you had to make a broken building that still looked good, integrate traps, etc. Some really cool ideas came out and I am sure that the builds will be a great inspiration for all who take a look at them! Plus, we had quite a number of participants. I decided to split the submitters into 3 groups: Architects, Citizens and Settlers. Technically it is not THAT different to be a Citizen or Settler (none of them won a contest before), but I thought we can use a couple of higher ranks on the server, so there we go:

# User Score Prize
3 blakavalanche 3.72 32 Diamonds
2 silver82 4.02 64 Diamonds
1 Xecaria 4.31 Level up + 64 Diamonds
3 JoBilly 2.45 32 Diamonds
2 mumurees 2.51 64 Diamonds
1 colossal92 3.06 Level up + 64 Diamonds
3 oALB 3.07 32 Diamonds
2 Dimetrex 3.11 64 Diamonds
1 kidcodiwise 3.24 Level up + 64 Diamonds

Congratz to all winners and thanks to all for participating! Also thanks to the masters & elders who decorated the streets around the new city area! The prizes will be in your deposit boxes. Please remove them from there once you get them!

8 thoughts on “Zombie Contest Winners!

  1. Congrats to all other participants. Opinions really change fast ^^.

  2. Great work everybody. Some great builds out of this.

    Special congrats to all the winners and their runner ups. Credits to you all.

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