New contest system!

There is a new contest system up now. It still announces the contest on the website, but you ‘join’ it in-game. It will assign you a creative or survival lot (depending on the contest). You can even teleport to that lot (if you are in the correct world). I still have to write a function that your entry automatically appears on the website for voting. All works through the new /contest command.

Please try out the system and tell me if the help functions are not clear enough or if there is anything to improve. I have created a new contest for everyone to work on! Since people build now in a separate lot, anybody can join in on any contest. Owners of a creative lot need to mine in the darklands to join a survival contest.

11 thoughts on “New contest system!

  1. FIRST!@ i need some sort of prize for that! a cookie 400 diamonds and part ownership of the server should do just fine.

    awesome new feature btw!

  2. Sweet! Updated the access page and FAQ to show that creative mode people can now participate in contests through this new system.

  3. Sounds great, should make things easier for transferring entries and voting for creative contests. My only question is: will we be able to take down our survival entries after the end of the contests to reuse the materials, or will they simply get deleted after transferring?

    • Good point, did not think of that. Since I can copy stuff to the city now much faster, people can theoretically start demolishing when the voting starts. I will see if there is an easy way to demolish things and pit it all into a chest.

  4. I’ve joined and mapped out my lot, and I can tell already that this will be so nice! I might have to build a wall to not get discouraged by everyone else’s, but this will work out just fine. :)

    Kudos to the brain(s) behind this new system

  5. This is awesome! Now just to think of something…..

  6. hmmmm maybe the close proximity will improve the competitiveness between the entry’s, improving the overall build level :3 sounds grand!

  7. With the max height of 190, do you mean that standing on the top block should put your feet at 190? Or 201 to account that the floor is y=11?

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