Contest lots moved, please check your entry!

I have now moved the contest lots to a different area. Please go there and make sure there are no mistakes. Check that your building is there as expected and that you can edit the whole area. This was a manual process so there is a certain risk that something went wrong. Please do /contest warp 29 <id> to get to the now location!


5 thoughts on “Contest lots moved, please check your entry!

  1. It seems i no longer have permission to build on my contest entry?

  2. Is there a height limit? My entry will be within reason, but I wanna make sure I don’t go too high.

    • a) read the contest decription, it says so, even in game when you do /contest info
      b) you are building inside a lot. there is a max height in that lot. You will not be able to build outside of that, no matter in which direction.

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