Deej20 just banned for griefing

After some people hinted to me that Deej20 was a griefer, and we have been researching on his username, we found out that he poses on other servers as a blond, 17 year old canadian girl while he is clearly not a girl in teamspeak and has a different picture there, too.

So the picture here on teamspeak that he is using is this. Not sure which one of the two he is, though. Looks like two brothers to me. Same nose, same mouth.

On two other sites he is using those two images here:

He was was banned from several other servers already. Today he griefed some house in spawn right in front of my eyes (I was invisible). So he is banned from the server and team speak now.

Good Riddance!

7 thoughts on “Deej20 just banned for griefing

  1. This makes me feel like he was the one who griefed spawn. So my therory is that it was him

  2. Another case solved by Undercover Uncovery ™!!! May he/she never find a server that brings him/her joy!

  3. What a jerk move. At least pose as a 19 year-old Canadian blonde girl.

  4. Too bad.. Deej and me were buds.. I just wish he could have used his head… :'{

  5. He/she griefed me in front of my face, but returned the stuff shortly after. They were definitely a troll.

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