Random bans start today!

Since we hit our max level users for the first time, we need to start a thinning program that will reduce our user base back to an acceptable level.

So along with the random promotions of this month, I now introduce random bans! We will start at the higher levels first and work ourselves down to the guest level. If you get banned and promoted in the same month, you get a diamond block as a souvenir on the way!

Also, from December on I will use a tool that scrapes off usernames from other minecraft servers and ban them proactively before they even join the server.If you have relatives, class mates or friends that you want to have banned before they get the idea to join this server, please do not hesitate to propose them in the new “ban-a-friend” program that we will launch soon!

Other hack-like activities that will get you insta-banned from now on:

  • Walking more than 3 blocks/sec
  • Mining a stone block after mining 10 dirt blocks
  • laying a perfect right angle of redstone dust anywhere
  • pushing any button more than 2x
  • hitting any mob more than 2x in the exact same spot
  • trying to put more things into a chest than would fit
  • trying to walk through a closed door

please propose other meaningful ban-reasons so that we can take the load of the server!

P.S.: If you think this is not a joke, please ban yourself for lack of humor.

46 thoughts on “Random bans start today!

  1. First!

    -Claiming first on any forum post, or blog post.

  2. Nobody, especially LVasold, should refer to themselves in third person. Ever. Especially when he is posting on the blog.

  3. Well this is no bueno. I’ll be making a list of things I’ll no longer be doing.

    • Oh god I feel like a moron. I didn’t have my contacts in so I missed the “fine print”.

  4. Four things:
    1) PLEASE DONT BAN ME!!!! and other caps messages repeatedly
    2) I dont understand the whole 10 dirt then stone
    3) Sometimes people get banned from a server by accident. (My friend did twice)
    4) Dont ban me. Jeremy would get lonely.

    • Ban people who would leave lonely players on-board… that way the other person doesn’t come back! 2 for 1!

  5. 1. Saying the word “how” in chat.
    2. Blowing up TNT or lighting a fire

      • How I see it: Yes and no. hes not gunna pull a name out of hid hat and say: Ooohhh… Electro your banned. I do believe that hes gunna search servers. Maybe if u got one ban before but youre a really good player here, he will let it pass. People make mistakes. But if youre a little obnoxious and u have had maybe three or four bans, then youre out. I dont really know for sure, i guess this is just cleanup duty. if u had a ban in the past but you are good now, u will prob be fine. Dont worry electro, i dont think you, me, or anyone else thats good are getting banned anytime soon.

        • Danggit lack of humor…. Take care of Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!

          (User Knarz97 was banned)

  6. -Using FOUR or more capital letters in a row in the game chat.

  7. “Ban-a-friend” may be the most hysterical thing I have ever read yet, I was mentally starting a list..

  8. I elect to ban my son and youngest daughter even before they think about getting on the server.

  9. Idea: Maybe if a user is inactive for “X” time after they lose a lot, or aren’t actively working to help the server/community

  10. Ban Uncovery… He’s really sketchy, always on, but speaks rarely. I heard that he will occasionally turn invisible and spy on other players, and and also logs what they mine… Creepy! He must be plotting things.

  11. Ban if you get wet from rain or snow, or if you walk on sand.

  12. All those who have more then 3 minus-karma-points could be banned – therefore they are clean when they come back and the karma-system has more importance.

    • i like this idea riedi , but not -3 karma , as trolls and unfair people may team up just to ban someone.
      Maaaaaybe.. -10? or something closer.

  13. I was browsing around on minecraftforum.net yesterday when I read about a very effective way of cleaning up the server. It doesn’t require a lot of work and is guaranteed to keep your server as clean as possible.

    Here are the steps:
    1. Go to the directory where the server files reside.
    2. Run the command: cat white-list.txt > banned-players.txt
    3. PROFIT!

    Alternatively, to minimize the effort even more, you could setup a cron job to do this for you. Maximum Effectiveness™

  14. Using a pickaxe to mine dirt, using a shovel to mine wood, or using an axe to mine cobble should all make the list of bannable offenses. :-D

  15. Placing two torches next to each other should be a ban.

    • Pine would get instabanned for that. I think he’s Torchhappy.

  16. I really hope everyone got my trolling yesterday. Come on guys, its in my name!

  17. FIRST!
    I feeded pets in the city when I suddenly feeled the urge to go home. There, I just ranjumped to a zombie which was trapped in a hole and hit him 4 times. Then I cleaned up the place and got 40 dirt blocks and 4 cobble. After trying to put them into my chest I noticed the chest was full. I needed the space I dug up for a redstone contraption consisting out of 4 redstone squares. I pressed the button 8 times and the connected door glitched. That way I succeeded in walking through a seemingly closed door. I asked “how, why is it that way” in the chat… nobody listened… so I blew up some TNT with lighting a fire so people listen to me… I had to put some torches down together to see what I was doing.

    And… I hit a sheep… with a blazerod… I found… when I was doing other extremely evil things like… idling and… being inactive… and… and… and… and using too many dots and ands.

    Thats how evil I am.

  18. Jumping in the same spot twice, hitting any mob with any other tool besides fist and sword.

    • Well, if you were taken by surprise by a mob and you didn’t happen to have a sword in your hotbar, you’d just use an ax in your panic to kill the creeper or zombie.

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