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Since starcaftmaster was banned, we are faced now with an issue about how to deal with projects that had several members contributing in a larger way when the owner of the lot abandons the lot or also gets banned. Here are the main points:

  • If someone gets banned for hacking, cheating, Xray, there is an issue since parts of the materials going into the build have been gotten through illicit means. Should the lot then be just reset even if the contents of the builds have been contributed by many?
  • If someone abandons their lot willingly or by absence, or get’s banned for other reasons (such as bad behavior), what to do with the lot then?

My proposal would be to give them away for sale again to interested parties – in any case to any previous member of the build only, for the normal price. Specially lots that have been worked on for a long time, with many members, would be quite a pity to just delete.

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  1. I disagree with this, I think the lot should go to the person that is next in line, the co-owner scince the lot was alreay paid for. But if there is no co-owner.. you should reset it, and sell it again.

    • Right, but if the person who paid for the lot was cheating, perhaps their money was not legit. Paying for the lot again seems like a fair way to “clean the slate.”

      It’s a difficult issue since there is no way to know how long a person has been cheating and how much of their wealth was obtained illegally.

      I see what you are saying, though, if the money was legit or was donated by the other members already, having them pay twice because of someone else breaking the rules seems unfair. Tough call.

      • I think that the lots should not be reset, but rather put back up for sale for the remaining group members. I think that if you are going to put your blocks and spend your time on someone else’s lot, then you are taking a risk that this could happen. I know it sucks and it feels unfair, but before you “crawl into bed with someone” make sure you trust them. If they breached that trust then there is no one to blame but them for braking your trust, and you for trusting them.

        Let it be known that players risk losing their investments, whether they be time or blocks, when they are building away from their owned lots. Perhaps 2 weeks is enough time for the group members to raise enough money to repurchase the lot before it is reset.

        • I mean, Starcraftmaster was not cheating! Now my problem is I have stuff there and I cannot access it.. which seems very unfair that I have to loose 3 things.. a friend, a build, and my stuff… and buying that lot will really be dumb… Everyone that co-owned starcraft’s lot shouldn’t have to be punished for what we didn’t do… If you could let this re-buy thing go this time, It would be greatly appreciated…

  2. Just wipe the lot, before you start helping someone on a kingdom lot make sure you trust them.

    • That’s not really a valid argument, jack. Plenty of people, including masters had no knowledge that starcraftmaster0, in this example, was anything but legit. It’s one thing to ban someone for cheating, it’s another thing to punish other people by association when they had no idea of any wrongdoing.

  3. Posted my thoughts on the ban thread… Pretty much agree with you. People working on a kingdom lot with the owner should be able to continue their work so long as the person wasn’t banned for xraying or hacking. In this instance, I don’t think they should pay. They would just inherit the lot since the owner is now deceased.

    Even if someone is banned for hacking, the other contributors on the lot should be allowed to take over. However, there should be something done to clean the slate. Perhaps wipe everything but placed blocks (I.e. Chests of supplies). Perhaps ask them to repurchase the lot. Perhaps some other idea. I’m not sure on that, but it js obviously the more serious of the two scenarios.

    • To this point, there still is uncertainty around how much someone who was banned has done to break the rules, and for that reason it may be best to draw one line in the sand. It still needs to be a fair one for those who are innocent and intend to continue the project, but I’m not entirely sure we should be making up different rules for each little difference in the ban decision.

      I think that the option to repurchase the kingdom lot (with no reset, and only available to those who were working on it already) is definitely a fair one.

      Of course there are other worst case scenarios and variations that come in to play, but as it was said before: it is extremely important to know that you can trust those who you are partnering with and spending your time & resources with.

      • I feel that the people who also owned the lot should have to buy the lot again. But the people who owned the lot before should get some small discount. Even just 1,000 or 500 uncs. The only reason I say that is because those people are buying their own items that were not the banee’s. Then other people should be able to buy the lot if they so desire for a price higher. That is because they are buying a kingdom lot and it has extra stuff that could be valuable that is not their’s.

        • Edit: The pervious contributors should get first dibs on saying they would like to buy.Also the discount that the previous owners get should be the same amount added to it for other users not associated with the town.

          • Scar I agree with you totally, If someone was hacking, like X-Raying, or anything that benefits that player in any way, I would agree on wiping out the lot and re-selling it… but in this case, Starcraftmaster0 didn’t do anything of the such. Tippymac pitched into the buying of Starcraftmaster’s lot and me and him are (or were) the co-owners of the lot! Even if we don’t get the lot free, we deserve a discount!

  4. What you COULD do is VALUE the lot based on the blocks in the lot (set a static price for each block, or you could go with the average market price of quantities higher than x). Then get the members to buy back the lot based on the valuation, the land price can be negated since they already owned it.

    • That’s not a bad idea, but big builds would get ridiculously expensive and then we’re back to wondering what’s fair and what’s not =(

      I say anyone added to the lot pre-ban can buy it at its normal price. Period.

    • That’s a cool way to do things- but I don’t think at all fair for one very good reason: all those valuable blocks were PROVIDED by the members, not just the owner.

      • Starcraft! Noo!! Why the heck did you do that?? Were the chests your or somehting? :(

  5. I like how unc spelled my name correctly and icecreamjimmies they wernt mine :(

  6. I think someone else added to that persons lot should have the option to buy that lot for the full 10,000 Uncs.

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