4 thoughts on “New contest list now shown on login

  1. aw, I really liked the deposit list :( is this temporary or permanent?

    • Some people have REALLY huge deposit lists. I wanted to declutter the display. The more you see, the less you read. I wanted to get more people vote and actively participate in the contests, too.
      If you tell me what info you liked in the deposit list, I can maybe filter it. Did you just want to see what others gave you or also what you had in there?

      • I really like the change, draws immediate attention to what is currently going on.

        Often times I may see contest info on the site, have an idea, then never follow through once I log into the game :P

        This will be a great reminder to keep contests top of mind, looking forward to even larger numbers of submissions and more competition in general.

      • I never log into MC before I vote so it was nice to connect and immediately see what I had won. It’s not a huge deal since I can just use /depotlist :D

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