starcraftmaster0 banned for griefing enderchests in the darklands

He griefed BOTH public enderchests in the darklands. Cya!

P.S.: When I said I will do random bans every day, I did not try to encourage you guys to do something stupid everyday. People are too much duty-bound here it seems.

38 thoughts on “starcraftmaster0 banned for griefing enderchests in the darklands

  1. Man, so many bans. Did you see the pics of papasmurf flying, unc?

  2. Thank you so much Uncovery to finding out who it was. I hope that he was the one that was taking them in the old DL.

  3. These two bans of established players are worrying :-/ is it a full moon or something?

  4. So what’s gunna happen to his kingdom plots? I’ve put a lot of work into the mushroom city project and would like to continue it. Can I take them over or should I just buy my own and start again?

    • I know my opinion really doesn’t matter on this issue, but I’ll voice it anyway! I feel that if he was banned for xraying, his lot should be wiped with no chance to save anything. However, since he was banned for something unrelated to resources/building, maybe you’ll be able to purchase the lot!!

      Here’s hoping!

      • I checked the map and it was already wiped. I’ll be starting the project again soon. This time I’ll buy the plot so I know this won’t happen again.

  5. Why ban him for such a little thing?! :'{ Starcraft was a good buddy of mine.. I wish he should have been thinking before he had done that…

    • Because I have the rule of zero-tolerance. I do not want to start discussions from what level on griefing is ok and when not. This is then always my problem and along with the technical work I do for the server, I do not want to have those additional problems.

  6. i didnt think anyone was useing them i mean i was on for a while and noone was in DL so i thought put them to good use, but oh well its been fun and nice meeting all of you and dang didnt think two enderchests mattered that much miss you all and unc your still pretty awesome and i guess its time to move on. Sorry for any troble caused :( bye all.

      • Kidcodwise, I’m hating your disrespect.. He was many people’s friend, including mine.. and your putting salt in my wounds with every comment you leave! If the comment is not positive, I’d appreciate it if you would wouldn’t leave negative comments…

    • I used them for important mining trips and also to place extra food into within the last couple days and today actually.
      You’ve let alot of people down.
      We’ve worked so hard on YOUR project and this is how you pay us back >:[

      • I am so depressed Star go banned! I had been on Teamspeak with him the same day he got banned, really depressing what happened…

  7. Lot of people have been using the Darklands. They were also using the enderchests. The Darklands is for people to go and get mats. That is a lame excuse for taking them. If you needed some Enderchests you should of 1. Buy or find the mats to make one. 2. Buy one from the shop. They are not that much. Or 3. Ask someone if they could give you the mats or chest.
    So tell us another one. Tell the truth this time.

    • Vixen i was telling the truth and i would have returned them i knew they were that important. If you want to know what griefing is then is what it means and i didnt do that on perpose and icecreamjimmies thanks for defending me but we all do little things that we didnt know were important but ill miss you and the others. Now i formaly say bye to you all but if you do want to play on another server just friend me on the minecraft forums and i bid you ado. :'(

      • So you’re saying you didn’t have 8 obsidian and an eye of ender to make your own ender chest? Or couldn’t afford it, despite being able to afford lots in Kingdom? Did you even read Vixen’s comment?

        I know you had friends, but this seems like a really pathetic excuse. When we say “No griefing the public enderchest”, that doesn’t mean “But you can borrow it for a little while if you put it back later.”

        Seriously? Come on… You should man up and admit what you did, or be silent. Nobody is impressed with your rationalizations.

  8. I know it was dumb and i admit to doing im not denying that. I also didnt have 8 obsidian and eye of ender abd i didnt have much money cause i bought those kingdom plots

      • Cream, we can tell that you miss him, but others like slash, your just throwing up comments where it wouldn’t help, you’ve told us a few times it was unfair and how you miss him, but caring it on this far isn’t needed.

  9. The idea that you would take something that didn’t belong to you is just idiotic. “oh, no one seems to be using this diamond block in this build, I’ll just take it!” c’mon =(

  10. Just learn from this and on the next server you go to respect other people’s builds.

    To others that read and respond. Please no name calling or putting anyone down. That is not needed. It does not make this better but will cause problems on the server. Many people like/liked starcraftmaster0 and to do this makes it hard on everyone. I even liked him and was very sad that it was him. People make mistakes but the nasty comments do not fix them. They can make more mistakes happen. Post if you feel the need to but please be nice about it.

  11. Sorry everyone but i wasnt trying tobe meanor anything im just pissed at myself for the dumb mistakes and i probly wuit SMP for a verylong time

  12. I feel bad. Two very good players making very stupid mistakes. I hope you have learned from this. Bye star :'(

  13. Final Comment
    If you still wanna hang sometime my skype is starcraftmaster0, yea so friend me if you want and ill be mastering my super hostile skills in SSP cya all for the last time :)

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