Kingdom lot solution

I have made the following decision:

If a kingdom lot gets abandoned for whatever reason (exceptions in extreme cheat/fraud cases may happen), lot members may buy the lot for a 50% discount.

If none of the members wants to have it, other users can buy it for the full price. If nobody wants it, it will get reset. To do the transfer, send me an email or support ticket and make sure that your account balance covers the costs.

12 thoughts on “Kingdom lot solution

  1. Very good decision, Uncovery! You’re the best! :D Now It’s not as over whelming to me tyring to buy the lot!

  2. I want to buy the lot but don’t know how to reach you uncovery. I sent a help ticket but doubt that was the way I’m supposed to reach you. What’s the email address you use?

    • I dance in the style of Mooshie Mooshie the Mooshroom King! *places a red mushroom on his head*

  3. Lol, kieveli. Yep, the project continues. Since I’m running things now, at least on this lot, it will be different than last time. I did much more work than everyone else so far including almost all the terraforming and structure building and that’s not fair. Anyone who’s helping on my lot needs to commit to working on it a few hours a day a couple times a week. If you can’t commit to that, that’s fine, I’ll just do it by myself and you guys can work on the other lot at your leisure. Either way, this project is still in progress and I’m sure we’ll do great in the end. :)

  4. So this still doesn’t address the situation of people buying kingdom lots and using them personally or not building on them.. Is that issue still up in the air?

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