Skylands closure

As announced before, I will remove the skylands. I made the decision now to remove it latest end of this year. So you have until 31st Dec 2012 to move to the aether. I can help you move builds to a skylands lot. I will NOT move the whole landscape etc, and I will not move every single cobblestone hut. If you have any relevant build that you want me to move, send talk to me in-game or send a ticket to me with the following info:

  • My skylands lot:
  • The aether lot I want:
  • Skylands build coordinates:
  • Target coordinates in the Aether:


5 thoughts on “Skylands closure

  1. If the build is partially underground, should we dig it out to be copied?
    Also, is it copy-pasted or cut-pasted?

    • Cut-pasted of course. If it’s a building with a cellar, or anything more complicated to move, just talk to me in-game and we do it together.

      • Thanks unc!
        I was just wondering about the cut-paste thing because i am added to a few “abandoned” lots. People could basically grief those at any time.

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