New mute commands

We had in the past the issue that people would get muted, but never unmuted. I have now programmed our own interface for this and now it is impossible to mute someone accidentally forever.

The default mute is for 1 hour, and I would recommend to keep it for one hour. If someone gives another reason to be muted right after the mute expires, I would recommend a ban instead of another mute.

The new commands are visible for Masters and above in the /helpme in-game help, under a new section of commands “/mod“:

/mod mute <player> [time]
/mod unmute <player>

6 thoughts on “New mute commands

    • If it supposed to stay still and its moving, use duct tape. If it is still and needs to move, use WD-40. If that fails, use a hammer

  1. im muted and i never talked! now i cant even tp to spawn to go to dark lands for stuff or go to hunger, i didnt say anything. im usually quiet.

    • Well as you can see the mute is only for 1 hour. If you just cannot talk that is one issue. If you cannot go to darklands and hunger that is a userlevel issue. Are you settler? You need to be settler to go there.

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