1.4.4 Upgrade status

As of now, I cannot upgrade to 1.4.4 since one of the main plugins (Websend) is incompatible with 1.4.4. I posted a bug report for the plugin and hope that it will be taken care of soon. Please downgrade to 1.4.2 if you have upgraded already.

6 thoughts on “1.4.4 Upgrade status

  1. For downgrading, i found an easy way of doing it:
    Sometimes minecraft will save your .jar files. If so, just go into your .minecraft then into the bin folder. find the jar named minecraft 1.4.2 or minecraft 1-4-2 and rename it to minecraft and delete the old one! DONE!
    If not, before you upgrade rename the current jar (this is what i do) i name it to the version it is. I currently have jars for 1.2.5 1.3.2 and 1.4.2. I now have easy access to old jars without the need for a jar switcher. Then when the next version comes out, i rename this jar to 1.4.4
    Im bad at explaining things, but i hope this helps!

    • You probably are using MCPatcher to install ‘HD’ texture pack support, yes? MCPatcher saves your jar files in this way, however vanilla minecraft does not. If you are using MCPatcher, this is a viable way to get your original jar files back.

      • Yes, I have used mcpatcher before. That explains where 1.4.2 came from. I also have jars back till 1.2 or so saved on my computer/harddrive

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