Darklands Issues

As you know, we had several instances now of players being banned for griefing in the darklands. The temptation – specially for new players – to be able to go through a portal and see all those ender chests, cauldrons etc etc and not to take them seems to be just too big. I have been banning people almost every 3 days.

People build really cool stuff in the darklands, and for it being only a temporary world (mind you – the next update around new year might cause a new darklands to be created already) does not seem to deter people to spend a lot of time building there.

While I do not mind having the darklands – as long as people do not complain when it’s replaced – it is becoming an issue with the griefing on two fronts:

  1. Workload: This could be mitigated by giving the elders the commands to track block changes or even writing an interface to the website so  that anyone can track any block changed in the nether and darklands and thus finding all the issues themselves, reporting too heavy griefing and thus banning of users.
  2. Judgement: This is more tricky. What is griefing? Destroying a plank? 2? 10? Where do we draw the line?

One solution would be simply to block settlers out of the darklands. They have their lot, why go to the darklands in the first 2 months on the server? It would give another perk to citizens (and donating settlers for example) to be allowed in there. This one would be my preference.

Another solution would be to make 100% strict rules and give a broader amount of people the right to track damage and to report it. However as we know, this also creates some anger among people. Some people will be annoyed by one plank missing and others do not care. Elders will have to discuss with users why a certain damage is worth a ban or not. It puts a lot of social pressure on the players which I do not think is a good thing.

A third solution as kevin proposed it below that we make a zone where settlers cannot build or whatever else. That would lock them out of the public farms etc. This would be good but cause them again to ask many questions and possibly complaints and whining.


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  1. I, personally, will not build anything in the darklands that I would be upset if it was destroyed. I think that the spawn area looks great and it is incredibly useful and I am thankful for those who have put time and effort into it. But the darklands is for resource gathering and I think that building there implies a risk that it be harmed whether by creepers or endermen or other players. I also realizd that this is not at all relevant to the post, it is just my 2 cents. Again, the DL spawn and railway and skyway has been incredibly useful to me, thank you all who put effort into it.

    The most effective way in my opinion would be to limit the darklands to citizens and above and donators. I know that it sucks and it might seem unfair to others, but Those who have invested time and energy into this server are the ones who will strive to keep it in order and be respectful to stuff other people have built.

    I don’t know if it is possible, but a compromise might be that settlers have perms 1000 blocks away from spawn in all directions. That would still allow for resource gathering and protection of the spawn area.

    • > I don’t know if it is possible, but a compromise might be that settlers have perms 1000 blocks away from spawn in all directions. That would still allow for resource gathering and protection of the spawn area.

      that is actually possible.

      • 1000 is just an arbitrary number, but like you said it will probably raise questions and whining. But if we had to choose between annoying questions and griefing, we would choose the questions. I would be willing to help make a railway for settlers to make things easier. I’m sure many others would be willing to help also.

    • I really like this idea also. Do we then stop enforcing anti-griefing rules outside the safe zone? If we just decide we don’t care, that takes care of things neatly. Build outside the area at your own risk, as it were…

      I am assuming, of course, that full anti-griefing rules would apply to the citizens and up within the safe zone, but hopefully we’d almost never have to apply them there. :)

    • In addition, I think having to pay 1000 uncs (following the arbitrary number) for DL access outside of the citizen+ zone would help protect the skyways/railways that extend past the protected zone. Essentially, only those settlers that would bother accumulating Uncs should have access to DL.
      -Alley Wig

  2. Could we introduce a new system? for example like 2 warnings, yellow card and red card?
    Using ”Workload: This could be mitigated by giving the elders the commands to track block changes”
    The elder can give yellow cards? if the damage is a couple blocks such a some wood planks etc. But commit this crime again and get a red card = straight ban?

    Just an idea:3

  3. All of the ideas work for me, but the if the first one comes into play, settlers who have a creative lot and want to participate in a survival contest, no longer can.

    I really like Kevin’s where we section off a set portion of the darklands for the brave souls who like to time after time build there, but also leave room for the settlers, who got complete ocean or desert lots, to come and collect some materials that they might not have available on their own lot.

    • True, blocking it completely is not an option. Did not think of that.
      Maybe we can make an alternative portal in a completely different location instead?

      • Could be like in the nether where is shoots you out to a random location. But make sure it’s far out. If its possible to regulate the distance.

        • However, both of these would cause a lot of new chunks to be loaded. Could we just put a line down the middle and say this side is for building (citizen+) and this side is for resources? Might not be the prettiest option, but it seems the easiest.

          • This is pretty much the same as Kevin’s idea, but a line down the middle is actually harder to do than a square region around spawn. :)

            And hey, we can provide nice minecart systems out to the edge of the safe zone so it’s not too much of a pain.

  4. I agree with blocking settlers. When I joined this family there were no darklands. I person had to use what they had on there lot to mine and build. When unc built the darklands it was there to help people who had mined most of there lot so the could still build. We all hate growing pains but that is part of life. So i again say block settlers out.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  5. Here’s a simple solution:

    Maybe we should have one world for difficult resource gathering. We could reset it every now and then so people could play with new the features with each new version. Plus, a completely fresh map is fun, because you get to experience real survival again from scratch. While fun to build in, we could keep in mind that this world would get reset every few months. So any long term structures wouldn’t make any sense. We could call this world the “darklands.”

    We could have another more permanent world for communal building. It could have large lots, maybe add some roads around them. It could even use the same permissions script as the empire. This would virtually eliminate griefing. Cool settlers wouldn’t be turned away just because of their name color. It could also give creative players a chance to prove their salt in survival. We could call that world the “kingdom”

    I think think method would require the least amount of programming, and cause the least amount of grief (pun intended) for the players, elders, and uncovery.
    The point of this proposed “darklands” is is to make resource gathering off of your empire lot more difficult. It has the indirect effect of increasing the value of empire lots, and gives incentive to rank up.

    Con: With the kingdom, any settler who votes for a month can buy an Elder sized 2×2 lot. Sure, masters can technically reserve a 2×2 lot, but it’s more difficult for them, because elders alone have option to consolidate lots.

    Personally, I tend to be pretty egalitarian when playing with different ranks. If you want to build something cool, go for it regardless of what color your name is! We’re all people, we all deserve respect. But ranking up is a fun incentive that keeps players here, and trying to build their best.
    I’m not saying it’s good or bad to give players more or less land. I’m saying we should consider the opportunity cost in giving out too much land too fast.

    I’m also think there’s a cost with complicating a system too much. There’s value in simplicity.

    • Sockso, you’re normally a super nice guy, but I think the amount of sarcasm you’re using lately is a little much. Are you feeling okay?

      The point is, people have already decided they like building in the common area of darklands, despite knowing about all the difficulties and lack of protections there. Your “suggestion” about kingdom obviously isn’t working, because the DL spawn build exists. What do you want to do, ban people for building in DL? Slap them with a wet herring?

      I understand that you feel like the dealing with the griefing is hurting the community, and I agree. We’re trying to address that in a way that doesn’t completely alienate the people who actually build and work in darklands. That was a community effort that happened completely on its own, and I think that deserves some respect and recognition, not just derision and saying “Well you you should know better than to build in darklands!”

      • You know, you’re right. I apologize if I’ve been sarcastic lately. It wasn’t my intention. I haven’t able to think clearly lately. I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time. I haven’t been myself. This isn’t really an excuse, and I don’t mean to vent on the server. I’ll explain if anybody’s interested:

        6 months ago, I contracted west-nile. I had previous nerve and immunological damage from some aggressive chemotherapy treatment a few years back, so the virus hit me hard. It started off with me falling randomly, and escalated into severe myoclonus over the next few months. I spent a good chunk of August in the hospital or drugged into oblivion, or else I would violently convulse non-stop. Think crazy seizures, but they go on for hours, and you’re conscious.

        I’ve seen 8 neurologists and well over 20 doctors, and have had every test run imaginable multiple times. There’s not much they can do for me now except wait for me to heal.

        Over the last month or two, my symptoms have slowly started wane. I require less meds to stop shaking. But I still walk with a cane, sometimes easily, sometimes with great difficulty. And still get stuck on the ground. I can even jog on my treadmill sometimes. I just catch myself with I fall.

        But I shake myself awake almost every night. Sometimes meds help me sleep, sometimes they just keep me from shaking and the day whizzes by in a grumpy zombie state.

        I’ve scheduled myself to start therapy early next year to help keep an eye on my emotional health.

        I see that my stress and hardships have polluted my online persona as well. I’m sorry if I acted like a jerk, to anyone, over the last 6 months. I think it best I don’t take part in server discussions for a while. This is my only online community, and I’m at home alone often, so I’d still like to pop on when I can. I’ll just try to play nicer.

        Sorry again,

        • -hugs Sockso-
          I’m really sorry to hear all that buddy :( next time I see you in game remind me and I’ll give you my email if you ever need someone to talk to. That’s what neighbors are for. :) and to make me feel ashamed/inspired by your massive builds.

          Best of wishes

        • That’s terrible, Sockso. :( I should have guessed something wasn’t right, and I’m sorry if the way I put my reply was more flippant than it should have been. Your input is always valued here, and I’d miss you personally if you stopped participating… more specifically, I’d hate myself if my comment somehow made you want to leave… :(

          I really just hope you start feeling better. :) Take care, man.

          • You’re cool Az. It’s pretty hard to offend me. I just thought I’d give some context for anybody interested.

        • Man, that’s rough… I’m sorry you’re going through all that. I think people will be able to taken this into consideration when reading your responses; don’t worry about offending. Hope it keeps progressing back toward normalcy!!

        • *bro hug*

          I’ll keep you in my thoughts. You’re such an awesome guy and an even better friend. I hope you feel better Sock. <3

  6. I vote for protected area. Agree with Sockso, keep it simple.

  7. I don’t think it’s fair to not allow settlers to do stuff in the darklands.. I’m still a settler.. and I’ve spent so much time in the darklands getting sand/etc. Especially considering my kingdom lot, if I can’t be in darklands I’m screwed. Why punish all of us for a couple of idiot kids? That really sucks that that’s your preference, and says a lot. If people want to build in darklands its at their own risk. I say you protect the immediate surrounding area at the portal and the transports, and anything beyond that is at the own risk of the builder.

    • Honestly, I’ve tried looking for other servers to play on when i get annoyed on this server, but no other server compares for me. I love how this server is. I hate to see the lots, and the darklands change, and punish good players. If I can’t gather sand on another server then I don’t go to that server anymore. I think you’re going to lose a lot of new players who would probably stick around a lot longer if you punish settlers. Just because someone found this server a 4 months – a year before I did shouldn’t in any way say that they’re better then I am. Settlers already get treated like crap by some masters elders.. whatever else is about settler, now we’re gonna get banned from darklands?

      I think letting donating settlers in is a good idea, but thats only because I’ve donated, and I guess someone who’s willing to donate probably isn’t going to harm the server. I only donated because I appreciate this server and all the time and effort you put into it. I wish I could donate enough to match your “how much the server has cost to this day” but I don’t have that money to spare.

      I do my best to ignore the “above settlers” that are jerks, but if I can’t go to darklands anymore on top of that.. I’ll just try to find another server.

      • The only people i treat like “crap” are the ones that deserve it. Settlers arent the only ones who get it. There are many wonderful settlers.

      • As an Elder I’d like to know how you’ve been treated as crap. I know myself, and all of the other Master and Elders do their best to hold themselves to the highest standards and to treat everyone fairly and equally. What has been said to you? The last thing we want is condescending high ranks :(

    • Be careful when you say stuff like “That really sucks that that’s your preference, and says a lot.” I could challenge you to tell me what exactly that says about me. This becomes insulting very quickly. I am discussing here to find a solution. I am not throwing around with new rules. Also, if you would care to read my comment replies, I already ruled out that solution there.

      Also, you are not settler anymore anyhow. You are Donator, that would, as I wrote, allow you to build in the darklands anyhow.

      You are very emotional and accusing in your discussion. I would recommend you to stop that. If you read the stuff properly and have a bit more patience, this would come out much better.

      • I had replied to the original idea of that proposal and where you said it was your preference, and to the other people in the comments agreeing with that preference. It does say a lot to me, it says you don’t really care about your new players. That may not be the case but that’s what it says to me. I am not emotional lol I was making a valid argument and expressing why I think that solution would drive away newer players. I don’t want to build in the darklands, I just want to be able to mine sand :( . I donated to support YOU and this server, not for any other benefits. That was my way of saying I love this place. I can read properly and I do have patience, I was just stating my views, apparently that’s not okay. So I won’t express what I think anymore. Thanks for all that you do, and ruling out that option.

        • I think you are making a wrong conclusion that I do not care about settlers.
          I do care about them, this is why I put this up for discussion, and not just shut down the darklands for them.

          What you do not know is that we did not have a darklands for quite a long time and everything was working fine. So I made the assumption that some people who mine in their lot and still have resources there (since they did not mine it since 2 years), and who can buy in the market whatever is not on their lot (usually sand or snow is the rare thing there) can survive without the darklands for some weeks or until they spend 2USD for a donator account.

          Also the conclusion that you should not express your opinion here is completely unnecessary and exaggerated in my opinion.

  8. Building in the Darklands with everyone has been a lot of fun. There has been a lot of great builds and great teamwork. But the griefing has got out of hand. It is causing too many problems. I am sorry. I am one of the builders and did not realize how much of a problem this would become. Maybe let those that did the builds have a chance to gather what they put down and then do a darklands reset. Then the only building to be there is the spawn point.
    To offset this. I am willing to buy some Kingdom lots to have just for community builds only. Then give permission to those that are citizens and higher and donators. I have enough for 2 Kingdom lots and some roads.

    • The Darklands is a place for resource gathering, not a place to build. If you are going to prohibit my ability to use the Darklands then I am going to lose my ability to use many resources such as sand, sandstone, glass, and many other key materials. The whole “citizen+ should be allowed to use the Darklands and nobody else” is a fallacious argument. I have seen numerous users join the server after being absent for 120 days and now they are the rank of citizen. Does this make them better than a Settler that has spent 81days on the server such as myself. If you were to add up the amount of allotted time that I have spent on this server, you would be able to see that I have spent more time than most users. No user should hold seniority over another based on the time that they been signed up for. They should hold seniority because they have shown, proven and dedicated themselves to the server. I probably average 50+ hrs a week on the server. If I spend that much time on the server then I am going to run out of supplies quickly. Under the tab “World>World Descriptions” it states the following:

      “The Darklands is a place that is used for mining and to have access to new world formats as they are released.”

      The Darklands is a world of resources, not a paradise dream city. Those of you that have seen the last Darklands should know this. It is a wonderful thing to have the community bond and make a fantastic spawn. It represents the server in a very appropriate and mature way. Some may even consider it to be a “larger group build”. Part of the world description for Kingdom lots are as follows:

      “The lots are huge and meant for larger group builds.”

      The Kingdom and Darklands worlds seem to be mixing lately. I think the rules should be simple. Here is my proposal for the Darklands:
      – A 100×100 protected area around DL spawn.
      – All buildings outside of the 100×100 area can be griefed without consequences.
      – The DL is to be reset when any game changing resource is added.
      – Similar to the City, allow Masters, Elders, and Uncovery to build within the 100×100 area.

      I believe that this would make things simple and efficient. I myself have built things in the Darklands. I did not expect the building to stay perfect or untouched. I added it because I thought it would help some people and that is it. If it were to be taken down and destroyed tomorrow I would think nothing of it and not really care all that much. This is how others should feel. Darklands building should be at your own risk. I personally need the Darklands as I am working with other users on a Sandstone city in the Kingdom world. Without the Darklands I would have no access to the sand we need and it would prohibit the expansion of our city.

      I hope I did not offend anyone or cause any issues by posting this. I simply would like to have the Darklands return to its former self prior to 1.4. The drama and issues regarding the Darklands is getting a bit much. The old ways seem to be a better route to go.

      Have a great week everyone.

    • Vixen you have me really intrigued here. Why build in the DL with other people when you can simply do group builds in the Kingdom? The DL is for resource gathering, and true survival. If you build something fantastic in the DL like I’m sure you have, do you know how tempting it might be for a Settler to think “Oh, cool! Let me take a gander…”? The Kingdom is designed for group builds. If we as a server take the temptation away for Settlers to grief, then they will not, or rather it will be harder for them. An attractive looking building in DL is basically inviting to people who want things.

      tl;dr – Mine/gather in DL. Build in Kingdom.

  9. I’ve been pondering this question most of the day. I favour the 1000 block protected zone from non-citizens. The outside of the perimeter may be come a wasteland, but citizens will have the power to do as they please with the spawn point, and not have to travel very far to acquire resources.

    One thing that made it difficult at first, was the lack of food supplies, and forcing a settler to walk 1000 blocks without food would have been difficult to impossible. Keep in mind, this was during the testing phase of the darklands, with server patch upgrades, when food didn’t transfer. I think we can come up with a food distribution center that would provide sustenance for poor settlers in need.

    A train depot would be a nice addition to the spawn, and lead griefers directly towards spots that could still be used as a honeypot if so desired.

    I don’t mind loosing access to the center of the darklands. It will only benefit dedicated uncovers.

    • Again, I would like to bring up the Citizen issue. If you were to look at the time spent on the server you would see that I have probably spent more time on the server than many Citizens. I contribute and try my best to help the server. What makes a Citizen more important than a Settler? Just because they joined prior to me should not give them more rights than me. Especially when I do more to benefit the server than they do.
      How to Earn Citizen: Be a member of the server for 120 days.
      Anyone can do that. You can have the least trustworthy person be on the server for 120 days. Several Citizens were banned recently for griefing and x-raying. Citizens are no different than Settlers. The only difference is that they have been on longer. 1000 blocks in one direction is a lot. Why not keep it to a smaller area. I do not see why 1000 blocks is needed.

      • 1000 is just a random number to make an example.
        Also, we made the experience that the people who are long time on the server do not grief or cause issues. We only banned a handful of people after they have been more than 4 weeks on the server.
        If we can block new people from causing issues, we can rule out 99% of all trouble. The darklands is a loophole there.

  10. I can see from some of the settler’s comments here that not all of the suggestions are popular. But there is a core question here, one that Uncovery posed, that needs to be answered:

    Griefing on this server is not allowed. But, say we decide that we don’t care about griefing in darklands, as some of you have suggested. Okay. But then, say you actually catch a griefer in darklands, looting chests and setting lava to someone’s carefully hidden DL base? Do we just ignore that? Would that not also be harmful to the community, to have someone who is a known griefer running around because we “allow” griefing in DL?

    If we do not ignore it, then again, where do we draw the line? Only if someone is caught red-handed? Only if there is evidence? We’re running logblock now, so we have that. Only X number of blocks taken? How do you put a threshhold on banning for griefing? What is our tolerance?

    There are no simple answers here. If we keep going the way we are, people are upset because the prevention of griefing hurts the community and causes drama. If we try to “ignore” the griefing, the griefing itself hurts the community and causes drama. If we do something drastic like exclude settlers altogether, again, we’re hurting our community.

    It’s easy to simply say that what we’re doing now isn’t working. What’s hard is coming up with a solution that works better, because there isn’t any obvious “correct” way to go.

    Here, for some perspective are some posts regarding the old darklands from spring of 2011:

    On griefing in the darklands
    A ban for griefing in the DL, and the community response

    Note the rank we now call “Settler” used to be called “Peasant”, so don’t read too much into that. XD

  11. I’m a settler and I’m fine with the idea of having 1000 blocks protecting the DL spawn area. Uncovery’s idea about having an alternate spawn for Settlers into the DL was quite appealing. Drop the settlers into a wild zone for resources only. If we decide to build there and it gets destroyed then it’s our own fault.

    Isn’t this how the DL was started? For resources? The DL gets reset anyway, right? Why build there in the first place? It was intended for resources (from what I read on the website).
    People own their own plots on Empire, Kingdom, Aether, etc. and that seems like a lot of area to “build your dream”. Don’t “build your dream” in the darklands if you know the area is not safe and has a history of being griefed. Common sense.

    The darklands IS a honeypot for troublemakers. These are little kids testing the limits of the rules. It’s always going to happen. Protect the DL spawn, if you want. Create a wild zone for everyone else to gather resources. People will start complaining about that, as well, because they’ll start building in the wild zone, too. History will repeat itself over and over.

    • Well the question is not so much about destroying something that was built over a long time. The question is rather if someone can have an ender chest standing around without it getting stolen.

      • I have things built in the Darklands. They are not on the surface. They are not in an obvious cave system. Most of them are buried under the ocean floor and are difficult to get to without suffocating unless you know where you’re going. This is where I have an enderchest stashed. If someone finds this and takes it, I would not be grumpy and sad. I would, quite honestly, be impressed. I think during the temp server tbrew actually managed to find it. He just sent me a message, it was like counting coup. I really don’t think we should hold the hands of the people who can’t follow the spirit of the DL… you KNOW it’s an unprotected world. You built there, left resources there, or mined there at your own risk. You know how many of my supplies from the temp server remain in the DL? ZERO! As soon as the servers reconnected, I got it out of there. Why? Because I didn’t want it taken. This seems to me to be an easy fix; sorry for your luck about the spawn town, but it was a poor choice. Deal.

  12. On one hand, I favor the protected zone idea that lets Citizen+ build near spawn, but don’t make it 1000 blocks wide. Make it a square that goes out 150 blocks or so on each side (a 300×300 area) I’d say that’s way more than big enough for darkland builds.

    On the other hand, I’d say.. it’s the darklands. Stop putting precious blocks or public farms in it? We have an extremely friendly community, if people need starter food or anything resembling, there’s always someone willing to give handouts. Or hell, they could just vote for the server, and buy a lifetime supply of melons.

  13. What would happen if I complained that the Kingdom Project I was working on was griefed by one of my partners? I am currently working on a large Kingdom build (2 lots, plus road lots, corner lots) with Scarovese, Sleepystrangekid, Hydroflame, Drea, and Tippy. What if one of them decided to dismantle the entire projects and take all of the materials. I am pretty sure the answer would be “too bad, you shouldn’t have trusted them.” Now, you would probably agree that it was a nasty thing to do but would they be banned for griefing our/my lot or is it my personal responsibility to make sure I trust the people I work with? From what I have read it is MY duty to police my own area and if it is griefed I am soley responsible and the person at fault would NOT be banned. If I claimed that I thought they were griefers we would still be “allowing” griefers on the server. Why is the Darklands afforded more protection than my Kingdom lot which I paid for? Why is the Darklands afforded more protection when it is specified that it is NOT protected? People built there knowing it was supposed to be a resource gathering area and are complaining because its getting griefed. I really, really don’t understand it. If they wanted to do a large community build there are Kingdom lots. I have heard that some of the DL builders don’t trust others to build with them on the Kingdom Lots for fear of being griefed.. You can’t have it both ways. Either you trust people and do stuff with them or you lock down your stuff for safe keeping.

    As far as the whole rank thing.. I have seen Architects who haven’t known Monday from Friday. I have seen Settlers do AMAZING things and are very game smart. I have seen ranks of all levels be kind and all be nasty. Instead of protecting the DL from settlers maybe make it a time limit like 2 weeks. If you haven’t figured out whats up in 2 weeks, you aren’t going to. When I first started here I had only been playing MC maybe 7 days. I seriously may have gone into the DL and broke a tree or something just not realizing but I am smart enough to know what I don’t know and just stayed out of it. Not everyone has that much self awareness.

    • All this talk about “Well don’t build in the darklands” is all well and good, but does that really solve anything? As I said earlier, what if someone simply loots your dirt hut and pours lava on it? Yeah, you don’t care about the build, sure. But do we care about catching the griefer who did it?

      Unc basically gives us two options: Either we aggressively attempt to prevent griefing, by locking down the darklands in various ways, some of which are unfair to newer players, or do we detect and punish griefing after it occurs, restricting nobody, but requiring detective work and moderation, which can be divisive to our community? We could also go for some combination of the above. Just ignoring griefing is not an option.

      Just saying “Don’t build in DL” doesn’t make griefing go away, it just changes the scale and the scope. It’s probably a good idea, because it might prevent some hurt feelings and it might remove some of the temptation to grief, but It’s really a side issue. Personally, I don’t care if someone griefs a gigantic mansion in DL or if they steal a handful of ingots out of a dirt hut. Griefing is griefing, and is never allowed.

      So what do we do about that?

    • Another thing about you not being protected in Kingdom: That is largely a technical issue. Running logblock everywhere would increase server lag, so we limit it to the worlds without lots. Yes, we largely say if you let someone on your lot grief you it is your problem, but we can and have banned people for it in the past. It’s mostly an issue of whether it was done intentionally and maliciously (e.g., it was really griefing) and you can prove it (this is the hard part). If you had this proof, the answer would not be “too bad”, the answer would be a ban for them. Griefing is never allowed.

      We don’t spend a lot of effort tracking down griefing in Kingdom and empire because it just doesn’t happen very often, if at all, on account of the lot protections. It’s been historically very effective to ask people to watch their permissions lists and keep people they don’t trust off of them. The darklands, however, have always been problematic on account of griefers. So we have much more detailed logging there. This makes it almost trivial to catch and ban griefers. I’m sorry if that makes it seem like darklands is “more protected” to you, but again this is simply a technical issue.

      Our options are to 1) increase server lag by enabling this logging everywhere, 2) “allow” griefing in darklands (not going to happen), or 3) turn off logblock in darklands so we don’t have the proof to ban people, as it is in empire and kingdom (which makes no sense).

  14. The darklands now have spawn protection up to a certain point. I personally find it painstaking to do this but, as a whole, I quite like knowing that in 30 days from now, when I am a citizen, I can access a grief-free and sensible darklands spawn.

    I hated how I could never Actually use the repair area cause of all the materials being stolen. The zombie spawner got griefed. It was all such a mess.

    Most griefers are extremely young (don’t get me wrong kids, some of you are great) and wouldn’t have the patience to wait 120 days to grief.

    Thanks For Checking out my Opinion,


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