8 thoughts on “Xmas Contest ends soon!

  1. Thanks so much. This is the first contest for me to enter and did not know about the submiting part.

  2. I am glad I do not have to pick a winner. How can you?

    Thank you TBrew, I would have not registered my entry if not for you. This was my first.

  3. Questions.
    1. When is the voting over?
    2. Are there prizes for placing?
    3. Are the entrees divided by rank level?

    Sorry for asking but I have looked and looked and found nothing on this.

    • We never had a fixed time or voting. I will most likely close this weekend when I am back form my trip.
      What is placing?
      The entries are divided only if there are lots of entries. Since this seems to be the case here, yes.

  4. Sorry what I meant on placing is 1st and 2 nd. Or on who got the most votes.

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