New Contest up! Jungle Home! [Update]

Dear all,

as promised I have created a new contest. Please go over to the contest manager and take a look. Please make sure that all of your tree is in the build area so that it does not get cut off when we copy stuff over.

[Update] I wanted to make it clearer what I wrote above:

  • It is no problem if some leaves stick out over your build area. Just be aware that those will not be copied over. If you place a tree in the corner of your lot, 2 sides will have the leaves cut off when we copy it.
  • The 6 blocks clearance is only a helping guideline to tell you the radius that large trees use when making leaves. You do not need to keep 6 blocks completely empty on the inside of your lot.

8 thoughts on “New Contest up! Jungle Home! [Update]

  1. Oh my god.
    If only the perameters were different.

    This contest would be mine

  2. Hi i’m new here. I’m bubfish I’ve always wanted to be on a white listed server this looks so epic! Hope we get along:D

    • Don’t Worry there are many friendly people on this server.

  3. I wonder if this contest name restricts us “only” to create a jungle like environment, and will not be acceptable if its a neutral zone tree house? :(

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