12 thoughts on “End deposits now working!

  1. Prepare to wait the longest moment of your lives for 1 tree.

  2. How many times can we defeat the end dragon, and can we take the endstone and obsidian as well?…and enderpearls…?

    • IIRC, while it is possible to obtain endstone with a wooden pick, because of the inventory restrictions in the end there is no way to obtain diamond, and hence no way to collect the obsidian.

  3. Unc was there a code entered in so that the egg won’t tp away if someone hits it?

    • Not sure what you mean with “Code entered”. In general, the egg is not easy to pick up. I did not change that, in case that is what you mean. There are tricks to pickup the egg which work fine. If you come across one that requires materials you do not have in the end (redstone etc), you got the wrong one.

      • I mean like when you are in the empire if you hit the egg there I believe it will tp away. So I mean by code entered is when you have an egg in the empire it would keep the egg from tping away. Or would lot protection keep that from happening? Sorry for the lack of detail the first time around.

        • The egg will always do that.No matter the world.

        • It is tested that the lot protection can keep the egg from tp’ing away if other players were to touch it. But it will tp away if you were to touch it. That is if others also have perms on your lot.

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