New attempt to get rid of the Skylands

I want to try to get rid of the skylands again. Here is the list of users who still have a lot there:

  • blakavalanche
  • hydroflame62
  • colossal92
  • luklukk

If you do not anything from that, tell me (here in a comment or a ticket) and I will reset it. If there is anything on the lot that you would like to transfer over to another lot, please mark it with red wool, send me the coordinates of one corner and the target corner etc so I can reliably, easily copy & paste it. This means no “the building on the lot to emp_a1” but rather something along the lines of

I marked all 8 corners of a spaceship in lot sky_a1. The lower-right corner is at -100, 10 -150. This corner should be at -200, 20, 300 in lot aet_01, there is a blue wool block in the spot. There is no need to rotate the item.

If you have anything there that you still need and that does not need to involve me for copying, please move it and I will reset the lot then. If there are any other issues, feel free to contact me so we can find a solution. I would be happy to remove the world within the next 2 weeks.

22 thoughts on “New attempt to get rid of the Skylands

  1. Cleared out everything I needed months ago, delete away.

  2. I have cleared out everything i needed to. Feel free to delete the lot. Thanks for the heads up anyhow.

  3. I like the SL better than the aether :( but Unco, i dont care for anything in my SL lot accept my cathedral, think you could just move that to my aether? :D maybe?

  4. At all coordinates there should be a red wool block. That should be the point to copy
    x1: -610
    y1: 14
    z1: 801

    x2: -800
    y2: 102
    z2: 965

    //copy from the second set of coordinates
    //rotate 270 degrees clockwise (or 90 counter clockwise)
    //paste -a (without air)
    x: 386
    y: 104
    z: 550

  5. I’ve finished moving to Aether, you can delete my lot

  6. will my plot be deleted?
    please uncovery we didnt we were just mining and kim believes if we find iron then there is diamond and kim started mining and we found it

  7. Hey I have been gone for a while and I just saw this. Please go ahead and remove my skylands plot I really dont use it. Sorry for the incovenience.

  8. Cleared mine of everything I want now so feel free to get rid of it, thanks :)

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