MC Server back up!

I just re-setup the ramdisk (should automate that sometime…) and restarted the server. So it should be fine and running now. Not sure if the problems of the last 24 hours will be back.

To give you some background:

I was noticed by some users that there are some issues. Admittedly a bit late, I would be happy if you guys are more proactive with this. I think you guys are trying to be nice, but do not worry, if I do not have time, I will act accordingly. If the server is down or crashing repeatedly, please tell me. I won’t be mad at anyone.

So I check on the server and could not find anything specific. But I also found that some off-server processes (simple stuff, really) would take an intense amount of time. So I assumed that the hard disk might have some faulty places, since this kind of stuff normally takes a lot of time to read/write, but the processor and the rest of the system would appear to be fine.

So I created a file that would force a disk check on reboot and rebooted the machine. It’s impossible to run that during the machine running. I was not aware how long a check would take on 2 1TB disks, so I was not suspicious until I posted a question on reddit and finally contacted tech support who was also not able to connect to the machine. They rebooted it, did a file system check and did not have any issues as it seems. I then restarted the webserver through my mobile phone. I could not install the ramdisk howver since the SSH app on my phone is not really convenient. Since I am back at my laptop now, I could restart the MC server after setting up the ramdisk.

Now the only thing left is to check the file system logfile and to hope that the issues are resolved through the check. If not, we will have to disable maps one-by-one to find out where the issue is in the end. Let’s see. Please tell me if you see the same lag/kicks/reboots occurring.

11 thoughts on “MC Server back up!

  1. It just died. I think it was a read error. It’s down. Might be up in a few seconds, but I’m just saying, it’s down. As of 1:55am CTZ.

    • It’s back up. My tab connection display says I have no connection. I’m the only one online. Everything seems to be running perfectly…

      • Ried logged in and then read error again. 2:02 am. before that I was the only one online.

  2. This time, it was a minecart issue I think. Someone spawned 30 of them, I removed them now and restarted the server.

    • Yeah I’m becoming increasingly suspicious of the flatlands being the origin

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