Upgrade coming!

I am finally back from my trip and planning to do the upgrade to 1.6.2 this weekend. I have by now received updated versions for most of the plugins and also had a chance to do a test run with a 1.6.2 server, saw which ones are failing and seen new updates coming in for those, so it’s looking good. So most likely Saturday will be the time for the update, let’s hope everything will work!

12 thoughts on “Upgrade coming!

  1. Can’t wait! thanks Unc! :D
    Having 2 minecrafts and my own server is a bit much on my laptop. Haha
    I wonder if my resource pack will work. X3

  2. So….how are we supposed to get horses? Are you resetting darklands again? Will we be able to /home on our horses, or will they be stuck in DL forever?

    • I know the DL will not be resetting. So i’m assuming they will just begin to appear. And if there aren’t any on your lot, i’m sure the eggs will be sold in the shop

      • Horses are in a special biome. So going in the darklands and generating that biome you will find some. So meaning, their will be no horses on the empire or kingdom maps.

      • They only spawn in “plains” biomes. And they only spawn on those biomes if the land there hasn’t been generated yet.

  3. If your lucky, your in Extreme Plains, or plains. You’ll get em ! :D

  4. Are we going to be 1.6.1 or 1.6.2?

    Just want to prepare with the right Optifine update……

    Thanks again Unc!

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