Regarding the new terrain features (upcoming version)

You might have read that there are new biomes coming up in the next minecraft version. I am not sure if existing words will suddenly have new biomes, but I do not think so. Most likely only newly generated terrain will have new biomes, but what is certain is that new biomes come with differently shaped landscapes. I have concrete plans how to get them into the game:

  • Reset the darklands
  • re-create the “mint” copy of the empire that we use to reset lots. This means that newly reset lots will then have the new features. I will also reset all currently empty lots. There is a chance that we will have more terrain ruptures (clear cut lines between lots), but those will be something we lived with and will have to in the future, even if someone decides to flatten their lot etc.
  • I will most likely not do anything in the kingdom and other worlds.
  • Unless there are important changes in the nether, I will not reset that one, either.

Of course I have no idea when the new version will come out. This is just a heads-up on what will happen to the map since those new features are discussed on reddit and other forums.


10 thoughts on “Regarding the new terrain features (upcoming version)

  1. Jeb_ better not add something to the nether… I’ve been digging a hole for a while there. XD

  2. Seeing as the darklands reset… It’d be better to use a temp server as our new Darklands. but keeping the new aspects of Wednesday and Sunday,

    • There won’t be any plugins if we get one. Temp servers are always plain vanilla. No protection or anything. But it Is a good way to gain other peeps trust.

  3. I’ve known about the 1.4.7 Temp, However wouldn’t it be o k to have one week or two of vanilla? And Friendship/Companionship All very good things.

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