Server updated to 1.6.4

I have updated the server to 1.6.4, unfortunately MinecartMania and DisguiseCraft did not make it over the hill. I know there is a release for DisguiseCraft is around the corner, let’s hope MinecartMania is also going that way.

8 thoughts on “Server updated to 1.6.4

  1. ok ever since you updated i cant log in now it keeps kicking me out saying connection lost and a 503 error code or something like that

    the full error code is this:

    Connection Lost:

    Failed to Login: Server returned HTTP response code:
    503 for URL:

    anyone got any idea if its minecraft for java or if i just cant connect for some reason?

    • also it seems to change when i try to join again so i dunno whats going on

      • Yeah I’m getting a really long thing that starts with too. My brother plays on 2 other servers. He cant get on the 1.6.4 one but can get on the 1.6.2 one.

        • Okay so,minecraft servers are down apparently. thats the help link on the status of servers, they are currently 1.6.4 so thats to that. 1.6.2 is a different version,they can’t have all versions of mc on their help site.

  2. For some reason I was able to log in to 1.6.4 earlier, now its just broken. same error code as clas

  3. Getting that same error message. Even tried reinstalling minecraft with same result.


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