Today’s upgrades

Please see the latest upgrades from the voting system:

  • lilroc17 (from MasterDonatorPlus to ElderDonatorPlus)
  • Arielia (from Architect to Designer)
  • Psychodrea (from DesignerDonatorPlus to MasterDonatorPlus)
  • ShadowAgentStorm (from Citizen to Architect)

Congratz and thanks to all voters!

[Notes:] As you can see from this post, which looks pretty much like the other 2 before, this is automated now. When I look at the voting list, I can see which ones are “done” since they have enough +/- votes, and I can then either “succeed” or “fail” them. I do this for all the proposals in the list, and the program I wrote automatically upgrades the users and posts the text you can see above to the blog.

Since this is the first Elder to be promoted, I can see how all unfinished proposals need more vote points since the vote-requirement has gone up with the number of Elders available. So everyone who was waiting for a proposal can thank lilroc17 for being set back a bit until their proposal can be closed :). However, all the votes that the upgraded users have cast previously now count more, so there is some balance in the system :)

12 thoughts on “Today’s upgrades

  1. Congrats lil, Ari, pscho and shadow! Very well deserved, all of you. Yay, new elder and master and designer and architect.

  2. Woot mega congrats again all!

    Those are some big promotions so my hats off to you all. Well deserved.

  3. This system is so great! Grats to all of you, well deserved all!

  4. Absolutely Awesome! Conrats to all of you!

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