Misc News

  • PVP Arena: I occupied now the lot below the contest area in the Aether. We will make it a PVP zone and create a secure drop-in area so that people can go into any arena w/o being spawn-killed. It might take a day or two but this will be a community action. I most likely will give ownership to elders and then they can assign people to help there.
  • With Arena: The arena is too easy right now. Hiding from the wither is not hard enough. We should get together with some users and come up with a new design for the wither arena. So I created a forum post where we can discuss this.
  • Contest: I have closed the contest now and will be giving out the prices by today. People who have been recently upgraded won’t be upgraded again. Sorry again about the delay in this. I expedited the upgrade voting so more people could get upgraded ASAP instead of waiting on the contest. I will make another post about the future of the contests soon.

4 thoughts on “Misc News

  1. Contest closed…… Darn you sleepy! Inched past my 3.8 at the last minute with a 3.83 :P

  2. I would be willing to help out with that arena construction as well Unc.

    • I will donate supplies or as much as I can. I am still trying to work on my aether lot and get it safe at least, but I will work on the arena if the Elders will allow me to.

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