Good seed for 1.7.2 found!

I have found a good seed for 1.7.2 where the map does not include too much water, but some parts of wider ocean and a good balance between different biomes. Please note that the current mapper does not necessarily color all the biomes 100% since it is not a properly 1.7.2 updated version, just one that happens to work with it.

Please do take a first look at the new map with the current lots overlaid. I would strongly advise against making too quick decisions now and wait for the upgraded 1.7.2 server to be live before you decide if you want to upgrade. I will most likely put the new empire world live (w/o mining rights) so you can take a look at your world then. Like that you will be able to make a decision if you want to move to a new lot or if you want to reset your current one.

14 thoughts on “Good seed for 1.7.2 found!

  1. I don’t think we even need 3D maps. One should check out the lot on site anyways.

  2. 3d is just cool to look at. I had it as my screen saver for a while.

  3. Both of my Empire lots are in that ocean. Can I keep one as an Island fortress and choose another on the map somewhere?

    Also, are you just copying the surface over, or full chunks to bedrock ? I have a large underground city built in it, with spawner / xp grinder that I would hate to lose. If I’m gonna lose everything, I can hurry up and spen the next couple days tearing everything apart to keep the materials.

    • The way the map copying utility works, entire chunks are replaced, not just the surface. Also, you aren’t going to lose anything unless you choose to. You can keep one or more of your lots as they are now if you wish.

      • I figured that was the case, but I would love to have a lot with new biome materials on it. That was why I was wondering if Unc would let me abandon one of my Empire lots, and pick up a new one on the map.

        • As I said already several times: You can chose which lots to reset. You can also abandon lots and pick new empty ones. It is completely impossible however, for technical, workload, lag, how biomes work and more reasons that you replace only any part of a lot but not the other.

          Biomes determine the color of the grass and are chunk-wide settings. Just putting other materials there does not change the biome. If you want to have another biome, I suggest going to the darklands, get the materials by hand, and terraforming your lot to look as you want it to look.

          • Sorry Unc, I was talking about the new biomes. I missed where you said we could abandon a lot to move.

            Thanks for the patience, and the great server.

  4. So, Im keeping my empire lot, emp_ad10, but the lots around me are gonna be new ? So, that means i could have a mountain biome covering my entire lot. ? :/

    • You lot biome does not change as long as you do not reset it. The biggest risk that you have is that your lot is at sea level and all surrounding lots are high mountains. You would need to build a stairway to get out of it. But you always have a certain risk that people build stuff that you do not like on the lots around you.

  5. I want to give up or reset my only Empire lot, I don’t care which. When is this going to happen?

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