New Empire world invalid, please ignore it!

I have just found out that the world generation methods in the 1.7 alpha version of Spigot are identical to the 1.6.4 version. Worlds generated in 1.7.2 vanilla servers look completely different. That means that the work done yesterday to find a valid seed and to try to show you an early map was for nothing. We will have to wait for a better version of spigot/Bukkit after all. Sorry for the unjustified hype!

Turns out the spigot version was a 1.6.4 version made to accept 1.7.2 clients, not a 1.7 version itself.

8 thoughts on “New Empire world invalid, please ignore it!

  1. AH Man! I was hoping, with all the progress you were making, that you’d have the server at 1.7.2 by Friday at least, Oh Well! We’ll wait longer, besides this is alot more harder than previous updates possibly. Good Luck!

    • No way! You have a COMPLETELY wrong timeline. Even if I was able to create a map, the main plugins are by no way able to work yet. You will not see ANYTHING in terms of an upgrade for the coming 2-3 weeks at least if not for 1-2 months! Unless something really magic happens which I cannot remember for the last 3 years.

  2. Dang! I had a village on one of those lots! LOL

    Still the best server around even if we NEVER upgraded. (but I know we will, so it’s even easier to wait.)

    Will you be doing a temp server to turn into new darklands since that will be reset anyway? That has been a lot of fun the past few times, and it’s even easier to transfer back and forth with the new launcher.

    Just wondering.

    • In another post he said that he will not be making a temp server.

      • I miss things. I blame the concussion from that accident a few weeks back. lol.

  3. Everyone would work together, that was nice. I only got to see the last temp server that we had. Oh Well!

  4. Temp servers were fun. They were also good for people who had a corrupted jar file and had to upgrade before the server did and now can’t login because he didn’t have that one particular version jar backed up. /sigh /yesiamanidiot /derp

    Oh well.

    • With the newest official minecraft launcher, you can switch between versions on the start up

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