Server back online, please check your stuff!

The server is back online, except for some automated stuff like restarts and backups. Please check if all is as you have left it: Inventories, money, lots etc.

I had do delete a couple of nether files and one darklands file. Most of them were REALLY far out, so I do not think something got damaged. Since we do not backup the nether and the darklands, there is nothing I can do. One Kingdom file got reset by one day, here I could fallback on a backup.

6 thoughts on “Server back online, please check your stuff!

  1. Top job! You put a lot of time and effort into this server, it’s what makes it stand out from any other server I’ve visited.

  2. I have a problem , managed to log in this morning for about 2 mins said hi and then got kicked off, when i went to relog the server seemed to be not available, tried to direct connect and it wouldn’t allow it. is the server down again?

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