PVP arena, step2

We now have 2 PVP arenas built and ready. I placed mob spawners where requested. The whole thing works like this:

The upper arena (the nether-type one) has spawners for pigzombies and blazes. Otherwise no mobs spawn there. The lower arena has 2 spawners for zombies and 1 for pigzombies and zombies can spawn anywhere if it is dark enough. Otherwise no mobs spawn there. Both those arenas have PVP now ON.

What can be done next is a command system similar like the hunger games. This system can place people at one of a list of pre-defined spawn points.You guys have to decide how you want to manage those arenas. And you also have to tell me when they are finished built, so that I can take away the build rights.

The middle arena does not have PVP On yet, please tell me once you are ready to switch it on.

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  1. So,for the random spawn points,is this for all arena’s or the ones that aren’t yet turned on? I’m slightly confused as what to do for the random spawn points.

    • Ok, so imagine you want to have a fight. If all players enter the arena at the same location it’s stupid. You can of course all walk around the arena to find a different entrance. Or I can make a command where all players who signed up for the fight (like for the hunger games) are teleported to pre-determined spawnpoints, each one to a different one.

      That can happen in any arena, you guys have to decide how the system will work. Since you seem to have connected the arenas, I wonder how you want to do the PVP. If people move from one arena to the next during a fight, how will they find each other?

      I think the best thing is if you guys come up with a description how a fight will proceed and then we can work on a system that makes that easy and fair. So where do people meet, how do they get there, where do people start fighting, how do you prevent people leaving the area (the nether arena has huge open doors for example) or random people joining at random times etc etc. Will there be a “winner” like for the hunger games, or will there simply be a guy who survives and goes back home with /home? Do you want people to be able to enter and leave whenever they want?

      I am talking about a system that will be used when the arenas are finished. I do not really care if I do that now or when all arenas are finished. I do not understand why working on a system for the fights matters if the arena is turned on or not. I can turn them off anytime if you want to work on it more.

  2. Mmm.. Interesting. I expect some pixelized bloodshed.

  3. The middle arena is a go Unc. It is set up as an archery arena (though people can play strait pvp in there as well). You pick a side and then enter through the back of either side through the one way doors. Then fight for your life. No spawners needed for that arena.

    • As far as rules for that arena, if using it for archery, You should not cross over to the other side of the river once entering. You choose the forest or the mushroom side and enter through the doors on the opposite side. It is really meant for team fights so there are multiple people shooting at the same time. There are minimal places to hide, and even then, you can be hit if the other team adjusts the angle they are shooting from.

      If straight pvp, just enter and go after it. It would be cool if we could figure out a capture the flag element to the game, but that may be hard without allowing perms to all players, which there is no way we should do.

      • Would it be possible to make a bigger trench there or a lava river so people cannot cross?
        Maybe even something that can be changed with a lever from open to closed? Then you need no rules…

        • Is there anyone that can help with a lever bridge over lava in this area?

          It would be nice to still be able to have straight pvp in this area as well, if people want to just fight they still can.

          • I made a deeper lava trench and built a bridge. There is an access and a lever outside of the arena, below the wooden stairs.

            • Awesome Unc.

              Thanks for the help with that!

  4. Mmm.. I have a question. Can I ./sethome in that area? If so. I’d very much like to, and if its possible. Take off TP permissions in there. or ./homing

  5. Okay
    Rules and details of how to play in those arenas will be set up and an instruction will be formulated by Psychodrea, Sleeping_Owl and me until Sunday 8 Dec..
    After we will give it to Unc for control and correction.
    Plz be patient and ask questions or add your ideas here – we will consider them.

  6. Thank you Uncovery, and the people / staff of this entire build. This is magnificent.

  7. Now, do we have Tiered areas for certain Armor Sets? Enchanted or not it doesnt matte.r

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