Regarding safe and volatile storage

On this server, you can store items in different location:

  • Chests
  • Ender Chests
  • User inventory
  • Worlds (as blocks)
  • Deposit
  • Shop

The safest storage places are: Chests & Worlds, Deposits and Shops. Most likely to be damaged are your own inventory and enderchests since they are managed by a plugin. In case of a hard server crash & reboot, those plugins sometimes fail to write the data to the disk and the contents of the user inventory and/or enderchests might be lost. Since I cannot track changes in those inventories, there are no refunds possible. So please do not store all your important belongings in enderchests or carry them around with you. If you need to move stuff, do so in smaller fractions to prevent a total loss in case of a crash. It’s not that we have a lot of crashes, but they happen sometimes.

(I added this text to the “lag” section of the website.)

5 thoughts on “Regarding safe and volatile storage

  1. Psst I agree with this. Cause I just lost quite a bit T_T

  2. Oh geez. Way to make me nervous. I have like 10 stacks of diamonds and a beacon in an enderchest right now, and I am at work for like 6 more hours.

    Did something happen?

    • I am also frantically trying to get on the server to cry over my potentially lost items.

    • During one of the crashes last night my enderchest inventory was not saved. I lost 1.5 stacks of diamond blocks, 1 stack of gold blocks, 6 stacks of iron blocks and some other good things. So I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else =(

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