Empire Lot reset process

I have now reset all empty lots in empire to have the new world seed. I also setup a world empire_new where you can see how a mint empire looks like. So you know what the lots next to you look like. The next thing you should do is to understand what your lot will look like in case you want to reset it. To find that out go to the city and type /warp empire_new. That will teleport you to a creative mode mint version empire. Fly to your lot (use the 2D map and the F3 key to see where you are) and check if you like what you see. If not, find a now empty lot on the empire 2D map to move your lot to.

We will be sending out emails in the coming days where you can register if you want to reset or change lot or not. Until then, please get a clear picture what you want.

I would encourage all of you to reset, specially if your lot is a strong break from the surrounding lots. Otherwise it would be great if you can terraform a bit so that the breaks are not that huge.

4 thoughts on “Empire Lot reset process

  1. what will happen to the people that don’t reply to the email?

  2. My lot is a square ocean in the middle of the desert. I would say that is a “strong break”

    • you could get lots of sand and make it a circle instead of a square… idk

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