[IMPORTANT] Lot reset process started!

If you have an empire lot from version 1.6.4 (or older), you should have just received an email. If not, please go to this page, read it well and fill out the form, thanks!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you want to reset your lot, but are not ready, please just chose “keep”. You can chose to reset it anytime in the future. From the 16th of December on, once you select “reset”, it will be reset at the next restart of the server. Only moving lots will be processed by ranks.

Also, you can see the progress of lot resets on this page.

8 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Lot reset process started!

  1. forgive me if I am missing something here, but I cant seem to find the form to choose what to do. When I click the link, it tells me I have to log in to do this. I log in again, and visit the page, and it again tells me to log in. Over and over. Stuck in a horrible loop. I want to keep H18, but abandon the other lot for a new one.

    Not sure why I cant get to the form page to do this.

    • Just tried again, and when I click the link in the text above “go to this page” I no longer have the bar on the top of the screen that has my name and the wordpress logo. then when I go to the monitor page, it appears again. Just a bad link?

  2. got my choice to reset in, now to wait for december 16th. thanks uncovery and azkedar!

  3. Hats off to both of you. Great job setting up for the reset. I thank you both for the hard work and long hours you put forth for all of use to enjoy the server.

  4. Could there be a 4th option of abandon? That would let users free up their current lot with the intention of waiting for their desired lot to free up. Just brainstorming.

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