Happy New Year and a great 2014!

Since it is now New Year in Hong Kong (where I am), I wanted to wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2014!

I also wanted to thank you all for being such an awesome bunch of people! If you weren’t, I would have closed the server a long time ago! Thanks to all who help make this a better place, be it by helping others, organizing builds, donating, banning and of course having fun!

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year and a great 2014!

  1. Happy New Year! And lets say thanks to unc for being the best owner out there! Without him , none of us would have joined together and make the best server ever! So , have a great 2014 , and I wish everyone the best :D

  2. Happy New Year to everyone, and a very special thanks to unc for taking time out to create the best server in the world! Love yall! :)

  3. yes, happy new year to everyone, especially unc!!! ^_^
    and may the new year bring prosperity to uncovery and all its faithful players!

  4. Happy New Year Uncovery! :D THIS SERVER IS AWESOME.

  5. Have a prosperous year! 2014!
    I cant believe its been a year since the “end” of the world.

  6. Thanks too and may it also be a very happy new year for all.

  7. Happy New Year, I’m calling off all PVP Attacks by NC on sunday.

  8. Happy New Year’s Everyone! Best of luck in 2014 all!

  9. Happy New Year! It’s been almost 3 years for me on Uncovery! Welcome to everyone new, Thanks for everyone who has stayed! Congrats to all of you!

  10. Happy new year uncovery and all fellow uncoverians! I wish you all a Happy New year and we will see what is up for 2014!

  11. (Still 6.5 hours to go here in Western Canada, but..) Happy New Year, Everyone!!! :D:D:D

  12. Happy New Year everyone! And again, thanks to Unc for giving us all the best server on the web!

  13. Happy New Year all! May you fly through your adventures with your best wing forward.

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