Work being done

I am currently working on a improvement of the system where exceptions in the code will generate an email sent to me. This allows me to react in an extreme case at the same time or even earlier than you realize that there is an issue.

On top of that, I am working on removing old code that was used to do the old lot application processes. This is a bit tricky since I have to make sure that nothing important is deleted. So it takes abit more time than just deleting a file.

On top of that, as you all know, I still have to activate the new lot reset process. I am quite busy right now and want to make sure it works properly and not delete someone’s stuff. I will hopefully be able to finish that this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Work being done

  1. Thank you for all the time that you spend making the server better. My limited knowledge of code and the workings of the server allow only a vague understanding of the work involved, but I do recognize the considerable time it requires. You are the best!

  2. thx for all the hard work unc :) it means a lot to us to have such an amazing hardworking server owner!!!

  3. yeah, i agree with Tara and sleeping, you are a great server owner, and thanks for all the work you have done for us :) really appreciated

  4. I can barely write a simple plugin and that’s with a video tutorial. I cant even imagine how much time/work goes into making all this

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