Nether portal arrays as ZombiePigman spawners

I have today massively reduced the natural spawning of ZombiePigmen that happens around Netherportals outside of the nether. The issue is that some players built huge arrays of them to spawn thousands of pigmen and harvest them in automated machinery. Now there is a by-lot maximum cap of 10 pigmen.

I disabled those for the same reason I disabled IronGolem and Villager farms. The simply allow you to automate things in the game that turn it into a creative-mode like system. While these spawning methods were initially meant for the single-player experience, users can get together and built far too effective systems that let you harvest too many goods in a too short time and often create heavy lag at the same time.

Nether portals for example cannot be switched on & off automatically, and an unattended system would spawn hundreds of mobs in one lot in a very short time. So I hope you all understand that I switch those off. I know it’s fun to build these automatons, specially the big ones. But they destroy the server economy and the survival gameplay.

3 thoughts on “Nether portal arrays as ZombiePigman spawners

  1. good thing you looked into this and did something about it. i see the problem your trying to explain, and it ruins the true survival exeperience in minecraft.

  2. With all do respect, and perhaps its the problem. It’s completely legitimate. In Business / Econ. And in the game itself, what I’m saying is. It makes no sense to disable / lower these mob spawns. Unless should it cause lag, in that case I’d understand your decision here.

    • First of all, yes, lag is paramount.

      Secondly, though, I don’t think most people would consider vanilla minecraft well-balanced. Even if it were, because we have removed nearly all possibility of griefing and looting by other players, that balance is skewed. Since not having to worry about other players makes SMP much easier, we have to find ways to make survival more challenging. That’s why the darklands is hard, and why OP farming strategies are nerfed.

      You can still build a gold farm, it is not against rules, but your efficiency will be limited by the mob cap. Unc could have reduced zombie pigman count to zero or declared the farms bannable; he did not. This is simply rebalancing.

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