New Deposit Features

Hello all, I have been working on a few small features to make the deposit boxes more useful, especially in combination with the shop. These are now available:

  • Buy, sell, or offer items directly to or from your deposit box. This uses separate commands: /depotbuy, /depotsell, and /depotoffer. Since these only work on your deposit, you can even use these commands from inventory-restricted worlds (such as the Darklands). Of course, they require that your depositbox is not full, and in order to buy stuff into your deposit, require that you have 1 free space.
  • Withdraw items by name rather than just by ID. So you can do /withdraw stone 256 to withdraw 256 units of stone, without having to know the ID. It will even attempt to withdraw from more than one depositbox if the same item is found in more than one.
  • /depositall will deposit your entire inventory at once, as long as they will fit in the deposit. This can be useful when used with the lot_reset user, to quickly move your items before a reset.
  • /depositbox consolidate will try to combine your deposit slots, so if you have the same item from three users, the shop, and the lottery, it will take all of those slots and combine them into one slot, without needing to move them to your inventory first. This requires that you either have a free slot or that you already have the item in a self-deposited slot.

These commands have been documented on the Money and Trading page. Please let me know or create a ticket if there is any issue with any of these commands, or about any other issues with the shop or deposit. Thanks!

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About azkedar

I joined this server in September of 2011. I spent a lot of time early on mining and selling glowstone for profit, so you could find me a lot of the time wandering far out in the nether with 8 stone picks and a few pieces of food. I participated in most of the contests from that point, my first big build being my treehouse entry, which I’m now kinda embarrassed of. I notably built a vast number (73 I think) of the small structures in Rome, as well as assisting with other parts of that city. I’m pretty proud of my Empire lots so far, even though only the middle 2 are really developed, and I’ve got a long way to go. I also help out Uncovery with various small programming tasks as I am able, to help implement new features and ease the maintenance burden on our beloved and fearless server owner. This is why Uncovery granted a chat title. Aside from that purely cosmetic title, I am otherwise just another Elder (and a junior one, in terms of how long I’ve been around). As for my real life, I’m a 33 year old programmer/analyst, married with 2 kids. My kids love minecraft too, but since my son is only 5, it’ll be some time before he can pass the settler quiz. :)

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