Voting lottery input wanted

I have currently 3 different items in the lottery that need to be updated:

  • Common blocks
  • Ore blocks
  • Hand-made blocks

This list quite old and needs to be updated with the new blocks since the recent minecraft versions. So please make suggestions (provide block IDs) what should be added where:

  • Common blocks are:¬†stone, grass, dirt, cobblestone, wood, sand, gravel, tree, sandstone, netherrack, soulsand
  • Ore blocks are: goldore, coalore, ironore, lapislazuliore, diamondore, redstoneore, snowblock, clayblock, glowingstoneblock, pumpkin, stonebrick, purplegrass, netherbrickblock, enderstone, mossycobblestone, stonebrick
  • Hand-made blocks are:¬†wood, glass, dispenser, noteblock, poweredtrack, detectortrack, whitecloth, smoothstonestep, brickblock, bookcase, obsidian, chest, furnace, ladder, minecarttrack, cobblestonestairs, jukebox, jackolantern, redstonelamp


12 thoughts on “Voting lottery input wanted

  1. Netherquartz ore as an ore block and quartz as a hand made block are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. Diamond ore seems a bit overpowered as winning a stack of 43 ore which I’ve seen happen can mean over 2 stacks of diamond with a fortune enchanted pick.

  2. I would add:
    -piston (33) as a hand-made
    -netherquartzore (153) as an ore
    -mycelium (110), red sand (12:1) and podzol (3:2) as common blocks

    I wouldn’t remove the diamondore, it’s so rare to get it.

  3. Quartz Block (155), Block of Coal (173) could be added.

  4. A few that come to mind immediately is the chiseled stone block, or circle stone, Coal block as blocks. Estebanismo mentioned the others.

    As far as the diamond ore goes, I agree with Estibanismo. It is VERY rare to get that much ore, and in the almost 2 years I have been here and voting, I have only won diamond ore 2 times. Once I got 2 blocks, and the other time I recieved 5 blocks. Yeah it can happen, but I say let those stories stay. It encourages voting.

  5. All above, plus:

    Common blocks: sprucewood(17:1), birchwood(17:2), junglewood(17:3), acacia(162), darkoak(162:1), spruceplank(5:1), birchplank(5:2), jungleplank(5:3), acaciaplank(5:4), darkoakplank(5:5), creepersandstone(24:1), smoothsandstone(24:2), hardenedclay(172), stainedclay(159, 159:1~159:15), packedice(174)

    Ore blocks: emeraldore(129), ice(79), mossystonebrick(98:1), crackedstone(98:2), circlestone(98:3)

    Hand-made blocks: tnt(46), stainedglass(95, 95:1~95:15), quartzblock(155), chiseledquartzblock(155:1), pillarquartzblock(155:2)

  6. I have made a list according to the comments made above mine and my own personal ideas. This list is according to 1.7.4, not the newest snapshat update. I have a list updated to the latest snapshot if you do want to prepare for 1.8. I also did not include any items as there was no mention of items in the original post (name tags, lead, horse armour, flowers, etc.). If you would like a list of that added, I can do that. Hopefully this helps.

    [b]Common blocks are:[/b]
    – 3:2 Podzol
    – 12:1 Red Sand
    – 98:3 Chiseled Stone Brick
    – 110 Mycelium
    [b]Ore blocks are:[/b]
    – 79 Ice Block
    – 129 Emerald Ore
    – 152 Block of Redstone
    – 153 Nether Quartz Ore
    – 155 Quartz Block
    – 173 Block of Coal
    – 174 Packed Ice

    [b]Hand-made blocks are:[/b]
    – 29 Sticky Piston
    – 33 Piston
    – 95 Stained Glass (White)
    – 95:1 Stained Glass (Orange)
    – 95:2 Stained Glass (Magenta)
    – 95:3 Stained Glass (Light Blue)
    – 95:4 Stained Glass (Yellow)
    – 95:5 Stained Glass (Lime)
    – 95:6 Stained Glass (Pink)
    – 95:7 Stained Glass (Gray)
    – 95:8 Stained Glass (Light Grey)
    – 95:9 Stained Glass (Cyan)
    – 95:10 Stained Glass (Purple)
    – 95:11 Stained Glass (Blue)
    – 95:12 Stained Glass (Brown)
    – 95:13 Stained Glass (Green)
    – 95:14 Stained Glass (Red)
    – 95:15 Stained Glass (Black)

    • [b]UPDATE[/b]

      [b] Common blocks are:[/b]
      – 5:1 Wooden Plank (Spruce)
      – 5:2 Wooden Plank (Birch)
      – 5:3 Wooden Plank (Jungle)
      – 5:4 Wooden Plank (Acacia)
      – 5:5 Wooden Plank (Dark Oak)
      – 17:1 Wood (Spruce)
      – 17:2 Wood (Birch)
      – 17:3 Wood (Jungle)
      – 17:4 Wood (Acacia)
      – 17:5 Wood (Dark Oak)

      I don’t see the point in having Smooth Sandstone as you can make that out of the sandstone that is already in the lottery, without having to using any other materials.

      • Thanks! The system does not allow for data-types at the moment, but I added the basic types from your list. I have time to change the system, I will add the data types, too!

        • Actually, scratch that, I figured out a quick way. All block types you listed are now in the lottery. Thanks!

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