Disabled “jumping” minecarts

I now disabled minecarts from jumping if you make them go up a ramp. I realized that tight bends after an ascent would be impossible to take without the minecart leaving the track.

6 thoughts on “Disabled “jumping” minecarts

  1. Nice, I can go back to my old track design. Thank you.

  2. So that jump over the ravine that I planned in the subway is a no go then….. lol

  3. Glad its gone, glad I didn’t change all my tracks yet.

  4. fwiw, you could just magnetize your tracks with a sign to keep the cart stuck to them without having to change the design. I’m glad for this change though, since I don’t have any jumps and now won’t need to use the signs :D

  5. Would it be possible to un-magnetize the tracks if I ever want to?

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