Server crashes. I blame some plugin. Also: A bird caught a crab.

The server crashed a couple of times. After the 3rd crash and attempt to restart it via my cellphone I made my way back from the beach to my PC to check the logfiles (don’t worry, I had other reasons to leave the beach…) and found that the new version of the IRC plugin made trouble. So I reinstalled the old version and restarted the server. Let’s see if that helped.

On unrelated news I tracked down a kingfisher on a crab hunt during the morning low tide on our beach:

IMG_6123And then, I caught a crab. They have 2 convenient handles here to hold them.



16 thoughts on “Server crashes. I blame some plugin. Also: A bird caught a crab.

  1. Your photography is pretty neat. Just went to your .net page and gotta say I’m pretty impressed. A man of many talents, I see. :D

  2. Cool looking crab!

    In related news, the server is refusing connections again after the daily reboot.

  3. Nice pics. Impressive that motives just happen to happen when you happen to pass by… if that makes any sense…

  4. No watermark on the first picture! Mine now!

        • Speaking as someone who has occasionally sold a photo, and also had them stolen, watermarks are easy to do away with. It’s the embedded metadata that foils the thief everytime. ;p

  5. So a crab crashed the server, a bird caught the crab, and then the server was back? :)

    Very nice pictures! I visited your .net website before but was not sure if it was the same person. :)

  6. That silly plugin that is crashing the server sure isn’t taking any time off for vacation.

  7. Maybe it’s the server’s way of saying that we need a vacation instead. So , anyone suggest a good game to wait out the server’s stubbornness? Or do we practically live on MC? …

      • Eve is as simple or complex as you want to make it, if you want help getting started look me up. My Eve character name is John Tacos

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