Server crashed again…

So the server crashed again and I have no idea why. On top of that, when restarting the server, the worlds in the RAMDisk always act up with an error: ./kingdom/region/r.0.0.mca (Permission denied)

This makes me think that there is something wrong with the RAM. This could well be the reason for the whole issue. So I am testing the RAM now.

12 thoughts on “Server crashed again…

  1. How come when the server goes down, the website goes down too? And good luck Unco :)

    • They are connected to one another, along with the TeamSpeak server.

      Thanks Unc! Good luck!

    • When I say server, in this instance I mean the whole machine. The website is hosted on the same machine.

  2. Thank you for the time you give to the server. I have many friends here I would not have if not for you. Good luck and thank you for your perseverance.

    • Ikr , real life isn’t as fun as killing innocent farm animals (Or wild Daiyamondos ) on Uncovery

      GL unc! We know you can do it!

      • Yeah Unc, Grab it and slap it across the face and tell it you own it! I mean.. Inspiration!

  3. I joined the server, found myself inside a block and taking suffocation damage. Tried to teleport home with /home command, and server crashed. Did I break it? D:

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