Skyblock challenges: Setup

With the recent updates to the lot manager, I have now everything in place for a new system: Skyblock challenges!

What is it?

We currently have one skyblock type available. You play it until you lose something important or until you get bored with it. The new system is more like a level-based challenge. There will be several types of skyblocks, each with a level number 1-10 etc. Each type is harder or has a different challenge than the previous one. In order to be able to play a higher challenge, you need to finish the previous one. “Finishing” a challenge is achieved by acquiring a predefined amount of a certain item and submitting it to the system. Once you have done this, you can try the next level.If you fail, (by dropping something etc) you need to try again. Challenges can be time-based and amount-based.

Since there is a risk that someone from a easy challenge hands over items to a harder challenge user, we will have to disable lot warping and teleporting in the skylands just as it is now in the darklands. Also, all lots will have a wall around them to prevent people from jumping over from one lot to the other. This will of course affect the existing skyblock players, but I hope there is understanding for that. So people will be able to warp to their own lot, but not to others.

For example:

  • Level 1: You have the default skyblock setup; Gather 100 cobble.
  • Level 2: Same setup (you start from scratch): Gather 100 cobble in 15 minutes
  • Level 3: Gather 100 saplings
  • and so on… there can be dozens of those, See some ideas here:
  • We can have a race for challenges. Everyone is measured how long they take to finish a challenge. Who can get a certain item in the shortest time? (a.k.a the skyblock olympics :)

How can you help?

I need proposals for skyblock setups and challenges. It would be great if you guys can take a look around on the countless other skyblock servers to see what types of setups they are using. If you have an idea, please submit it on this spreadsheet. Please add your username so we can credit you.


Is this something you would play? Would you be willing to restart the skyblock to get the next challenge? I initially thought that each challenge should start from scratch. Another option would be to have only certain levels start from scratch and others can be done on the same block (e.g. farming carrots and pumpkins from the same block, for mob farming you need to start over, time challenges are always from scratch)


14 thoughts on “Skyblock challenges: Setup

  1. so will anything be happening to our current skyblock lots? or will this be a seperate world or something?

    • Same world. Current skyblock lots will be unaffected, except teleport will be disabled on the world. If you want to get to someone else’s lot, you will have to walk there. You will be able to teleport to your own lot. Warping to specific non-challenge lots will be enabled. The current skyblock system will persist. Only the special challenge lots will have a wall around them. I will most likely split the map in sections, one normal and one for challenges.

      • How will we be able to walk to skyblock lots? are you going to insert pathways or something?

        • Which skyblock lots? Your own? someone else’s? The normal lots (the current ones) or the challenge ones?

            • Thinking about it now, I should be able to allow people to teleport to non-challenge lots. /home and /sethome, /tp, /tpa will be not possible however.

  2. The one thing Skyblock really needs is sand.

    To get the green dye that is needed for the actual wool challenge, you need to grow cactus. Without any sand, that isn’t possible.

  3. I think it’s a great idea, but if there will be certain types of challenges that require xp, then you would have to make it so that xp wouldn’t carry over from other worlds. I know myself and some others have xp farms in skyblock we use to gain levels for enchanting in the empire. Is it possible to have xp reset when you warp into skyblock, but not when warping out? Or have the challenge lot’s themselves reset your xp upon warping to them?

    • I can split the XP between the worlds. But just with your inventory, starting a challenge will mean that both inventory and XP will be wiped before you start. I am working now on revamping the whole system for all skyblocks so that you just start on some stone blocks and everything else goes into your inventory. That will clear up a lot of things.

  4. I think it might be helpful for everyone if we perhaps just make this a new separate world that doesn’t influence the current skyblock setup. Some of us have worked diligently to progress our lots in skyblock.

    The new challenge world could be made for more than just skyblock-themed challenges, as well. Perhaps for parkour challenges that include no homes/tp/tpa, and only falls into the void, etc.

    Because of the recent updates to the Lot Manager, the Challenge world could have numerous reset options to allow people to select from which challenge they would like to attempt/join, whether it’s skyblock-themed, parkour-themed, SPLEEF, random-mob arena-style survival for calculated points… whatever! ;-)

    I’m hoping that by implementing something new, we don’t effect the existing well-working worlds much.

    • you are saying that doing /skyblock warp instead of /tp or /home sky is such a huge effect? I am not sure that this change warrants another whole world. Anyhow I will try to work around this. There are settings with worldguard that I can most likely use.

      • “/spawn … walk to skyblock portal … /skyblock warp” vs. “/home”, not a huge deal, assuming the block the warp sends you to is still there. But if I want to show off something to another player… are they likely to go through those steps and find my lot number to see it? Or just “/tpahere .”

        Personally, like Hunger Games… I think it would be very advantageous to have a world that’s not static but can spawn various types of lots for various reasons. It would seem that flatlands could be just as likely a candidate as skyblock, depending on the play/build/contest/challenge game mode. Just my $0.02.

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