Kingdom Map expansion ongoing, IRC down

First of all, I have made the first big step in the kingdom map expansion: I have more than doubled the lots. We have now instead of 16×16 24×24 lots. The old lots have been renamed, user access and flags have been transferred. If you find any error in the lots, please let me know ASAP.

Right now, the new lots are being shown on the 2D map, but the 2D image will not properly align with them.

Then current step is to expand the current kingdom to these dimensions. This happens just now with the current mapper (since it’s the current minecraft version). We need to do this since the lot reset only works if there is actually content in the target location. Once that is finished, I will reset the new lots to the mint-condition 1.3.1 lots and the breaks in the map between the new world structure and old structure will disappear.

Until everything is finished, the kingdom lots will not be available in the lot manager.

Once the reset is done, I will occupy the lots that are required for the city move and then release the remaining for purchase in the lot manager.

In unrelated news, the IRC service is down. The IRC server we are using had some issues and made the IRC client crash and took the minecraft server down with it… So I disabled that now until the IRC server is back to normal.

6 thoughts on “Kingdom Map expansion ongoing, IRC down

  1. Thank you for all your hard work, Unc! It is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the changes!

  2. Hey.. Just alittle idea.
    You know how there’s plains biomes.. taigas.. Mushroom biomes? Some servers have it to where, you pay about.. 2k to 5k for your plot to be changed to a certain biomeset. I dont know if that would look good or not..

    • well for once I would need a tool to do that from the console. Then we could talk about that for creative worlds for sure. Not so sure for survival but we can try

      • Mmm.. I see, and yeah. I wanted to say that more for flatlands. Your right.

        • Well we have the function already to reset your flatlands lot to a “lonely island” lot. I can copy in other biomes too for use. I just need to find an appropriate chunk of land to copy over. Suggestions welcome.

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